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  2. DJPedram


    Nice to hear. Which hotel your staying? Which after parties will you be attending?
  3. DJPedram


    So I bought a ticket for IRAN ZAMIN TV event at PARIS HOTEL in Las Vegas. They have been promoting Amir Tataloo in Las Vegas. Here is the flyer for it, have a look. Long story short the Host (Sina) from IZT promotion have been promoting this event for month. Few episode back on TV supposedly he cam on TV and showed some paper work clamining it was Amir Tataloo Work Visa. I checked http://www.iranzamintv.com webiste and they removed Amir Tataloo from their artist list. I called the TV and their like he is being FBI checked? So I asked if he was in USA and they denied it? Scenario #1: The have got him work VISA (immigration) and he has a messed up record that he can't leave DUBAI? but why? How bad of crimincal record does he have? Scenario #2: There was no work visa to begin with and his name was used for this purpose to promote this event? Scenario #3: If this scenario#2 is correct then why Amir Tataloo hasn't denied such event anymore? Whats going on here? Here is the Term and Conditions, I purchased my ticket under: "I, the cardholder named above, agree to pay the full amount of the total cost for the room(s) and/or concert ticket(s) ("Total Cost") I have ordered, plus all room taxes and service charges. I authorize IZ Entertainment, Inc. ("IZE"), or its representative, to charge my credit card the full amount of Total Cost. I acknowledge this charge is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. I agree that this charge cannot be reversed or rescinded for any reason, including changes to the concert, artists, conditions, or type of services rendered by IZE or the hotel. I understand that the room type or number of beds is subject to availability, and that check-in at the hotel starts at 4:00 pm, and check out is by 11:00 am. In no event shall the amount of IZE's responsibility for this transaction and occurrence exceed the Total Cost. In the event of litigation for non-payment of Total Cost, the prevailing party shall be awarded attorney fees and litigation costs. I agree to abide by all rules of the concert and hotel; and, acknowledge that this sale is final." Isn't there some sort of Consumer Protection in state about False Advertisement? Anyone knows anything or can open my eyes for this matter let me know? How can I get my money back? (if i can) Do I have any option in here? Maybe try to get a free After party club ticket? mmmmm....
  4. DJPedram

    Bia2.com Las Vegas

    Just book all 3 after parties ;)
  5. DJPedram

    Bia2.com Las Vegas

    I just hope it is not sarkari.
  6. DJPedram

    Bia2.com Las Vegas

    Hi, I have not purchased any tickets for after party yet, hoping I find out where Bia2.com will have their event. Its already Dec 5th. How many more days do I need to wait til I find out where it's going to be so I purchase my ticket. Please some one replies. Thanks, Pedram
  7. DJPedram

    DJ Delly D???

    What happend to him? His website is down: www.djdellyd.com His shows that he recorded for bi2 is no longer available: www.bia2.com/delly/ His myspace account no longer is updated. Did he retire?
  8. DJPedram

    Case of Missing Identity!

    Mohsen will be in US and CANADA tour very soon.
  9. DJPedram

    Name of Song

    this is what your talking about:
  10. why dont u post videos anymore?
  11. DJPedram

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    Chalim 2 (Coming soon) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpbsdgHcKB0 Tarkan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPt1oFv0e-8 Does this sound copied to you guys? Chalim 2 is not out yet.
  12. DJPedram

    World Cup 2010

    I am cheering for Spain and Argentina.
  13. DJPedram

    Jomle "CHIZ" besaazid.

    Chizet be darde khodet mikhore. Bia ba chize man bazi kon ;)
  14. Please dont delete this post: Video Link: http://www.radiojavan.com/videos/video/payam-kamyar-jamemoon-jameh (the only reason I didnt put a youtube link, was because I didnt find the high quality music video) Ahange Kamyar o Payam benazaram not bad. I liked the music. Video was done nicely. I didnt understand why Tehran had to be in the video but okay. Over I am happy with the work. I think Farez group is pretty much done. These two brothers are doing it. What do u think?
  15. Keano: what do you mean man? why do we always have to ignore each other, we love to 'Enteghad' so why not for Benyamin? if anyone has any that is. First of all your personal preference for site is your own choice, but Benyamin songs get played on this site. So why not comment on it? Also this forum ha about 4-5 regular poster and about 3-4 random post here and there. I was expecting a good critics at least from Pourya who writes his own blogs. Also from one of lady member of the site. Seriously with all respect it was all of you and your friends and your community that supported him all over America. You know what I mean?