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  1. TH14

    iranian milfs

    ***edited out***
  2. TH14

    iranian milfs

    im glad after 7 months, my topics are still discussed. Im the great one. by the way, Susan Surandro(sig) is the ultimate milf.So is Pouyras Mom..
  3. TH14

    Hollywood Stars in Bia2.com/Forum

    Im James Dean...rebel without a cause..
  4. TH14


    Who is the persian Tony Montana?..it could be a friend..or someone you know,e.g a relative...it could even be someone on this site..so who is it?
  5. the one and only 2pac Shakur.Rest in piece homie. I would also love to date shanon dotherty(brenda from 90210).Shes damn hot man
  6. TH14


    i dont kid.I tell the truth
  7. TH14

    old people...

    tissue paper is overrated anyway.As iranians we have more traditinoal alternatives which are far superior than using tissue paper!
  8. TH14


    im joking.The iranian wife was the other end of the iranian cliche scale,and wore a headscarf.Pulled the FOB look very well(accent helped)
  9. TH14


    yea.wore a mini skirt.Typical iranian housewife in LA
  10. TH14


    what did you guys think of the iranian family in crash?..i thought they were quite realistic..esp the daughther..the mom was hot.jk.Is anyones father here similar to the iranian father in crash?..some may argue he was cliche.But cliche means that the films producers have done their research correctly.Imagine if he was some surfer dude with hawian shorts on instead!..lol..
  11. TH14


    what?..its got 8.6 out of 10 in imdb.com..thats pretty amazing..its got a higher rating than 98% of any other movie..
  12. TH14


    Ive just come back from watching Crash in the cinema. Its a great film. There is also an iranian family in it as well. Have any of you guys seen it?..if so, what did you guys think about it?
  13. TH14

    Are iranians pretenious?

    Just because i dont talk in farsi on here, doesnt make me any less of an iranian than you.. im not the great one,you are!!..ur the single reason why i come here on bia2.com to be entertained by ur wit and intelligence. Damet gharm