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    Actually it seems its more likely the other way around
  2. wot primitve habits r u talkin bout? maybe the reason she doesnt reply to your posts is that she doesnt wish to participate in the "primitive habits" u so often indulge in i.e immature criticism! 83097[/snapback] This would actually be a valid point if i were the one critisizing another, but since its the other way around it holds no weight I stated my oppinion and was called childish little names for doing so, Perhaps you should read the entire thread from beginning to end since you obviously havent, as i stated my oppinion in a normal fashion with the intentions of having a peaceful discussion, i did this in every post ive made thus far, but it became evident quite soon that people like Arian and Sara are against any other point of view regardless if it is religiously motivated or not and will/have bashed/directly and indirectly insulted me and others on this board for expressing their views. "Sara" doesnt needs any puppy following her in threads helping her and randomly bashing others or a concerned compatriot having a need to answer for her without even reading whats been written in the thread. She can answer for herself, even if its in half assed english. It seems there is no reasoning with people here on a humane level unfortunately so i no longer see any point from now on in being formal.
  3. I see youre slowly recovering from your primitive habbits, good job..although im dissapointed to see youre still repeating yourself like, well, you. better luck next time.
  4. BoxCutter

    wassup everyone

    Welcome Omid..Omidwaram khosh begzare bara't inja.
  5. Its interesting you mentioned this, I recall speaking to a Pakistani friend and used "Khoda Hafez" (This guy was a Ahle Sunni Btw) at the end of our conversation and he tried to lecture me about how "Khoda" was the name for a persian sun god and shouldnt be used, lol. After i was done explaining to him the deal that Zartosht by some scholars are also considered people of the book and Khoda simply means God without becoming technical he mumbled..But i do see many of the Sunni brothers trying to deny their culture just to be "politically correct" or use Arabic terms instead of their own native tongue, wich is something i understand due to their religious agenda. The majority of the Shia't are more attached to their culture, this became evident during the rule of the Abbasid Shia Seyyed rulers when there was a revival of Persian Culture. There is also another significant difference, Shia's reject the "Sunni" caliphate wich many tried to change Persian culture to Arab culture. I notice allot of the Pakistani and Indian brothers also use allot of Persian words without realizing it, Theres no doubt these countries and Iran have had peaceful relations for longer than a thousand years and share much of history and should continue their ties. Either way personally the changing of a letter in the title of our alphabet is and always will be absurd, Some people have an Ataturk obsession with changing everything back to ancient persian and neglecting our 1400 year Islamic culture and history. they will deny this in every way and will do whatever is necessary to discredit this and claim Ancient persian history is the only thing that matters. I cherish the history of our persian ancestors however do not feel it necessary to change anything as it is right now. Thats just me.
  6. Instead of telling people to Shut up on a discussion board why dont you tell me whats bothering you? I dont need to tell you what a discussion board is or why people differ in oppinion and voice it here do i? Im a reasonable guy that can be convinced if i feel im wrong in my counter arguments, Why dont you prove yourself to be right in this case instead of trying to constantly agree with people. Go ahead and tell me what you disagreed with, Id appreciate it.
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    ur a coward if ur called persian???? wot the f***???? :no: :no: :no: :no: i dnt no any persians who have dyed their hair BLOND.....so wot u on about?!?! 73854[/snapback] Well sara maybe you should read into why Iranians outside of Iran and in particular Iranians in America call themselves "Persian" instead of calling themselves "Iranian" with all due respect, Perhaps the blonde remark was a bit over exaggerated and generalizing, I apoligize, It didnt come to my attention until someone made this remark to me and i started paying more attention to all of the (Minor) things. i realize the majority of iranians dont..however this is just one of the things ive noticed certain people do for the sake of "Fitting in".
  8. Spoken like a true activist chat parrot. here is the point im trying to get exactly across to you, Like i said, people generally living halfway across the world are in in no position to tell iranians what to do or how to think, Including me, However this is something YOU have hypocritically been doing ever since you signed up here. I know youre still young and in the phase where you think you can take on the world but be realistic, you are living Sweden, Not Iran, If iranians want another government they will get another government, Who needs you? If i have something to discuss here be it about politics or any government ill act civilized about it and approach it in a formal way to get my point across and just Maybe someone will take it into consideration, What i dont do is this primitive childish insult game you like to play that has no effect and brings nothing new to the table whatsoever. Perhaps one day when you realize what self criticism means and practice it..you can also flaunt your entire face on your posted pictures, instead of insecurely showing one thirds of it. Thats credibility. Just my two cents, Happy rantings.
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    To be quite honest i would rather proudly be an Iranian and be considered a terrorist by ignorant rednecks than be a coward and label myself "Persian" and die my hair blond like many of these "Persians" have done to avoid persecution or racism among many other things. iranians in the west have tarnished the title "Persian" more than IRI can ever do to "Iranian". When i talk of Persia i talk about history and our (potential) ancestors, Its no beauty or originality contest, Iran is just fine fer me :dance:
  10. Agreed, Iranians that have left their country are in no position to speak on or critisize Iranians that actually do live in Iran whatsoever, Iranians do not need people living halfway across the world, governments, Snot noses or Bigots telling them how to act, what to believe and whats best for their country. If they want they can determine their future as Iranians have done for thousands of years. Unless you are sincere in your ambitions for change and actually live in Iran and get to the point where you take action, you have no credibility at all.
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    Definately getting the PSP....They didnt do much to the security from what i heard, You can easily upload Movies and songs to your 1GB/2GB Sony memory stick and hook it up and have a blast watching your favorite flicks.
  12. BoxCutter

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Ronaldo is gonna be huge..Not many turn out like him, hes Passionate and good at what he does, Good luck to him
  13. BoxCutter

    Whats your religion

    Well Ghormeh, Shias and Sunnis do not disputes those Articles of faith or "Aqeedeh", Nor do they dispute the Shahada (Decleration that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger) Ill try to explain it to my knowledge to clear some things up for you just in case you didnt know, Sunnis and Shias both believe in what you mentioned, The main thing wich is disputed is the successorship (Politically) after Prophet Mohammad, The Shias believe Imam Ali should of been the rightful Successor, The sunnis think its Abu Bakr. Both of these Ideologies base this (mainly) on scriptures in the Hadiths. Now wether you dispute if a current day Imam is good/Bad or a Regime is good or bad is your choice. everyone his own prefrence. But to dismiss Shiaism because of it seems kinda harsh.. Nobody here is certainly saying Iran is the perfect role model Islamic state, Anyway to clear up your "Ruhollah" comment (Keep in mind it means "Inspired By God") read the following verse, Maybe you know it but check it out anyway, maybe it could explain it in more detail as to whats the motive; 021.073 "And We made them Imams (Leaders), guiding (men) by Our Command, and We sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practise regular charity; and they constantly served Us (and Us only). " I could be wrong so correct me if i am, Was just trying to clear up some things in case you guys didnt know yet...respectfully and Thanks for your input btw.
  14. BoxCutter

    Whats your religion

    The not Shia part, Since Shiaism is just a path of thinking in Islam, What do you consider "Just islam" care to tell us?
  15. BoxCutter

    Shoreh Aghdashloo & Catherine Bell in Animation

    I still have to check this out...Heard it was on satalite a while back and that it was pretty good, Havent had a chance to see it yet