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  1. melody

    who is your jigar???

    :DD :DD :DD :afrique7bo: :afrique7bo: :afrique7bo: i was wondering if you all are day dreaming or think a specific singer or actor is cute.....ONLY PERSIANS PLEASE mine is hooman...
  2. This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006 written by an African Kid When I born, I black When I grew up, I black When I go in sun, I black When I scared, I black When I sick, I black And when I die, I still black And you white fellow when you born, you pink when you grow up, you white when you go in sun, you red when you cold, you blue when you scared,you yellow when you sick, you green And when you die, you gray And you calling me colored?
  3. melody

    Cough Cures

    I didn't read everybody's post before posting this myself but this works like MAGIC Hot Persian tea Honey Fresh Lime Juice Drink a cup 3 or 4 times a day and it stops your cough/sore throat...etc...
  4. I found this artilce in yahoo, thought it'll be interesting to share... http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/108014/10-jobs-with-high-pay-and-minimal-schooling-required?mod=career-salary_negotiation 1. Air Traffic Controllers: $117,200 These workers make sure airplanes land and take off safely, and they typically top lists of this nature. The median 50% earned between $86,860-142,210, with good benefits. Air traffic controllers are eligible to retire at age 50 with 20 years of service, or after 25 years at any age. Watching blinking dots on a radar screen that control the lives of hundreds can be stressful, and the job require specialized FAA schooling and on-the-job training. Typically, two to four years of training are needed in order to become fully certified, although previous military experience can cut that time down significantly. 2. Industrial Production Managers: $77,670 They oversee manufacturing activities. A college degree is preferred, but not necessarily mandatory. They often work in industries such as aviation and automobiles. 3. First-Line Police and Detective Supervisors: $69,300 Police officers can advance through the ranks to become supervisors by passing exams and achieving good performance reviews, and advanced training can help win promotions. 4. Funeral Director: $49,620 College programs in mortuary science usually last from two to four years. You typically must also serve a one-year apprenticeship, pass an exam and obtain a state license. Hours can be long and irregular. Dealing with dead bodies and crying relatives isn't for everyone. 5. Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers: $47,460 Police corporals had an average minimum annual base salary of $44,160, according to the International City-County Management Association. But total income can significantly exceed base salary because of overtime pay. And police officers can often retire at half-pay after 25-30 years of service. Applicants usually must have at least a high school education, and some departments require a year or two of college or even a degree. Rookies are trained at police academies. 6. Advertising Sales Agents: $42,750 20% have a high school degree or less, and 10% have an Associate's degree. 7. Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents: $39,760 Don't let that figure fool you; the highest 10% earned more than $111,500. While advanced coursework is not necessarily required, new entrants must pass an exam and get a state license. Connections in the community and a willingness to work hard are what really count, but experience and a good housing market also help. 8. Occupational Therapist Assistants: $42,060 These workers usually need an associate degree or a certificate. They work with occupational therapists, helping injured patients recover from, or compensate for, lost motor skills. Job prospects are good in the growing health care field, especially for those with some post-secondary education. 9. Occupational Therapist Aides: $25,000 These employees receive most training on the job. Under supervision of occupational therapists, they also work with injured people. Competition for jobs is tougher for those with only a high school diploma. 10. Physical Therapist Assistants: $41,360 These workers deal with physical therapists, helping patents improve mobility, relieve pain or overcome injuries or disabilities. Those working in home health care services tend to make more on average. Aides, earning an average of $22,000, are trained on the job. Assistants, who have greater responsibilities, typically need an associate's degree.
  5. melody

    C Drive Help!!!

    hello people: Okay so my C Drive is Red and so is the D drive, I dont know what to do to empty it....i delete anything I can, but it still is red...i dont know what to do with it..to fix it... Totally I have 143 GB on my C Drive I have used 141 GB on that and 5.77 capacity on my D Drive...and I have used 5.31 Totally I have 1.0 GB on my computer, and 2.99 GHZ Intel premium R 4CPU 3.00 GHZ is my procesor.Its vista home edition. companq/hp desktop computer... Thanx
  6. melody

    Kamran Hooman Fans

    I just thought to share this with you guys hope you join it :bl :DD :t http://www.kamranhoomanfans.ning.com
  7. melody

    Kamran Hooman Fans

    Vaghean pedram jan: it has been like that for 2 years now!!!! it pisses me off....they need to have a working website ...us fans have no source to get concert dates, pictures videos or any news or better even no way to contact them!!! so madening...but hopefully I will change that..:-)
  8. melody

    Amir is super rich now!

    interesting site, thanx for sharing!!! I checked my cousin's site..and its worth $205,606 USD
  9. melody

    Eric Balfour *Hottie Alert*

    He is starring in a new movie called "Beat Down" it is to be released sometime in March 2010 or later. Dont know much abot the story but I know that it is like a life story of a fighter. Gang and violence related....here is th IMDB link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1568323/ If you scroll to the bottom you'll see the name Jion Rastegar...:-) my adorable cousin is also starring in this movie...his very first movie Im so excited!!!!!!!!!! more infor coming soon as i recieve them http://www.jion-online.com
  10. melody

    Hotties' Pix!

    vay ghorbones beram lol pedar sokhteh kheili khosh tipeh... is he married???
  11. melody

    Anybody lives in maryland????

    In may im moving to maryland and I was hoping someone here would fill me in, on som basic info, like the bad areas the job rate and etc.....I have found an apt its at Randallstown, how is that area??? thanx alot...
  12. melody

    H A Y E D E H

    I've had always and always will LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her "ya rab" song it is so becautiful and well written!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ6zbBod6lg
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  17. melody

    War In Los Angeles

    according to the video, shadmehr cancelled it because of money, he will have a concert in dubai, but they'll pay him more. I am with shadmehr...Im glad he did that, because Tapesh channel is just .......i dont know what word would fit them..but while our citizens are fighting their lives risking everything to save iran to get rid of the islamic regime instead of helping and supporting iran they are making fun of them...???? and they never talk about iran i stopped watching their channel.....i never will
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  19. melody

    Shaheen Jafargholi

    Has anybody heard of Shaheen Jafargholi from Britain's got talent!!!??? wow he is amazing!!!! here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVU4IkzMNIo he is sooooo awesome!!! :eek_wft:
  20. melody

    Erfan Fans......

    He posted a v-blog....Love it!!!!!
  21. I totally agree with you....had my heart broken too many times... :c
  22. vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what the heck???? its good for men??? OH Pleasseeee!!!
  23. melody

    Mohamed Ali

    wow he is adorable...thank you he is similar somewhat to shaheen...isnt he?
  24. melody

    Mohamed Ali

    I just saw the video :eek_wft: wow he is awesome and so cute !!!! who is he?
  25. melody

    Dr. Holakouee's Advice

    i dont get it, what is his problem..im a big fan of him, and I watch his show, especially the advice for marriage..