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  1. I saw a thread about this in another forum in farsi http://forum.roostercode.com/showthread.php?tid=236
  2. behrooze

    google images my signature

    I searched for my name in google images and found my signature hosted here for these forums. There's no point to this topic, but it's pretty cool eh :DD http://images.google.com/images?q=behrooze
  3. Maybe sara is using a different browser other than Internet Explorer. Because it doesn't work in firefox.
  4. behrooze

    >>>>>>GiRlS & bOyZ zOnE<<<<<<

    Let me guess she is gonna ask what pink tacos are this time lol
  5. behrooze

    How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

    6' and 155 lbs
  6. behrooze

    Can You Guess If They're Real or Implants?

    I got 16
  7. behrooze

    Iranian manufacturers

    Those rezpod earphones are exactly like the iPod's earphones :th
  8. behrooze

    whos more horny

    kash ke dokhtarha ham bishtar "let it out" mikonan.
  9. behrooze

    You know you're Persian when....

    You know your persian when 30 minutes means several hours.
  10. behrooze

    hey everyone

    ^^ that was me, didn't have my password saved in windows oops/
  11. behrooze

    Finger Found in Wendy's Chili

    oh yeah I've heard about this where did the finger come from??
  12. behrooze


    :DD :DD :DD :DD
  13. behrooze

    hey everyone

    hey guys
  14. behrooze

    hey everyone

    yes please!!! akh jaan! i wud love u 2!!! 64318[/snapback] do you have an email address or something that i can send it to?