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  1. mohsen_d

    Are you going to the WC2006?

    nice ...
  2. mohsen_d

    Farsi word association thread

  3. i'll be goin' to Europe to work for the summer but during the one month of the world cup i'll be in Germany and i'll be watchin' 10 of the games; 3 Iran & 7 Germany (well those r the games that i applied for and i hope i get 'em) ... is there anyone here who's goin'??? ... maybe we'll meet :DD
  4. mohsen_d


    imagine living in this world
  5. mohsen_d

    The Death Clock

    Friday, November 18, 2072 .... NOOO! I have a party to go to the day after
  6. mohsen_d

    Iran pix

    akheysh!!!! inghad delam tang shode for iran!!!!! :c i might be goin this summer but im not sure.....i will be so depressed if i dnt! :c :c :c :c :c thanku mohsen!!! love u!! 58720[/snapback] not a problem sara khanoom i might go too finally :DD ... my dad doesn't want me to go tho. ... he says that my "big mouth" will get me killed by the mollahs there
  7. mohsen_d

    Iran pix

    this is for u x)SaRa(x .... pure esfehan!
  8. mohsen_d

    Iran pix

    u're all nice ppl here ... i just had some pix and thought i could share 'em with u
  9. mohsen_d


    how to climb up the wall with a tent over ur head
  10. mohsen_d

    Iran pix

    hey ppl ... more pix ... damavand, darband, Dariush grand hotel,
  11. mohsen_d


    only in our beloved country
  12. mohsen_d

    Farsi word association thread

  13. mohsen_d

    Iran pix

    i got u ppl some pix too