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  1. MizZ_FuNkY

    hey guys!

  2. MizZ_FuNkY

    hey guys!

    THANK U HONEY :flowers3jq: :flowers3jq: :flowers3jq:
  3. MizZ_FuNkY

    I love...

    hahaha no prob. honey
  4. MizZ_FuNkY

    Best Music Album ever?

    all oasis album
  5. MizZ_FuNkY

    I love...

    i never said that is me..or?!...yeah its mk my idol but i still love my new puppy
  6. MizZ_FuNkY

    hey guys!

    What do you study at the university? 101443[/snapback] i study eventmanagment...
  7. MizZ_FuNkY

    I dislike...

    LOOOooooOOOL omg!! looooool khob boro ye dokhtar peyda kon .. badan boro be mamanet begoo "ASHEGHESHHHH SHODAMMMM ... AGE INO NAGIRAM MIMIIIRRRAAAMMMM " >> badan boro bimarestan .. bego saret dare giig mire...IV barat bezanan ,,, be mamanet zang bezan begoo chi shode .. enghad narahat shodi ke ghash kardi bordanet bimarestan.... loool >> i know a person who really did that...LOOOL and it worked... but they were in Iran. 101410[/snapback] hahaha so cute
  8. MizZ_FuNkY

    I love...

    i love my new lil puppy
  9. MizZ_FuNkY

    what are you listening to

    coldplay..the whole album
  10. MizZ_FuNkY

    Sex b4 or after marriage?

    hahaha so cute...akhey...
  11. MizZ_FuNkY

    Sex b4 or after marriage?

    :no: double standards = bad 100967[/snapback] i don't agree. i believe in equality and all that stuff, but when it comes to parenting, i think it's more important to keep an eye and tighter restrictions on girls than boys. 101208[/snapback] why tighter restrictions on girls than boys? 101413[/snapback] only reason really being a girl can get pregnant. 101423[/snapback] but i would say...to get pregnant is something beautifull..ofcourse not if u are a teenager
  12. MizZ_FuNkY

    Pictures of Iran!

    i love iran and miss iran so much
  13. MizZ_FuNkY

    I Feel Like...

    Haha Are! chashm... gher midim taa Sepi o Miladam bian gher bedan! loool 101005[/snapback] LOL man injaaaam!! berim gher bedim! how about zireh baarooon??? wooohoooo!! 101060[/snapback] Vayyy french kissing zire baroon :clap2: :DD :clap2: :DD :clap2: :DD :clap2: :DD 101411[/snapback] feels good aziz, vali rooze badesh ke sarma khordi chi? :p hahah 101418[/snapback] dont worry...sarma nemikhore
  14. MizZ_FuNkY

    hey guys!

    I luv them too...I have a pair black..sometimes I put them with miniskirt and cowboy's hat :bl anyway.. Welcome! ;) 101189[/snapback] really?!?...me too...