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  1. shadan


    dude, its finally the 23rd of Sep now, tavalode bia2 eet ham mobarakkk! dige nagi yadam nist tavalodet haa! actually man mikhastam biam inja avalin nafar basham, ama in dadashe shoma karo kharab kard, Im very upset with this system, I’m ganna call the police on you guys, bothering people is against the law! (in case anyone didn't pick it up, I’m referring to the angry Persian guy)...anyway, happy birthday ramona joonam, wish you alllll the best, and I mean all!... :drinks:
  2. shadan

    Good-Bye thread

    hala indafaro kootah miam chon khaffam miad...but I'll call you tmrw :air_kiss_wft:
  3. shadan

    Good-Bye thread

    Im out 2...good night everybody... :l :sh
  4. shadan

    ~*~*HaPpY BiRtHdAy SaRa JoOoOn ~*~*

    Happy birthday sara joon...wish u all the best...
  5. shadan

    ~~Send Your Love~~

  6. shadan

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    yeyyyyy...vali kash nemigoftam...
  7. shadan

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love to my uncle... whom I miss more than anyone can imagin...
  8. shadan

    "Hi" & "Ahvaalporsi" Thread

    hello ramon joon...areeeee?? man ke adat daram be in chiza...Im sure I wouldn't sekte over it.... )
  9. shadan

    Good-Bye thread

    Im out!...gnite...
  10. shadan

    Words Association Game

    loool...I know, I had to! actually its his accent that I love the most...
  11. shadan

    Farsi word association thread

    oftadane maryam too ghabr...