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  1. Dariush


    look whose bk, bk again.
  2. Dariush

    Words Association Game

    Ramona Amiri....LOL.
  3. Dariush

    Adults only

    Ramona Amiri...now that is HOT.
  4. here....something to enlighten ur day..... :haha: :haha: http://www.alahwaz.com/jenglesh/index.htm
  5. Dariush

    Can You Guess If They're Real or Implants?

    This is my kinda thread.....20/20..... :yeah:
  6. Exactly. lol..... Shouldnt it be "IRAN TOWARDS INDEPENDANCE FROM ARAB LOVING MULLAHS" congress? just a thought. :harhar_wft[1]:
  7. 1) where do u get ur facts from? 15%??? go here...http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbo.../ir.html#People and you'll see that its actually 7% and 9% of the country speaks Kurdish. 2) not jus Kurds that get killed without any trial 3) and who realistically in Iran can formulate parties and organizations (irrespective of ethnicity)? 4) u speak of a national language, yet has there ever been a "nation" called Kurdistan? I'm not denying that Kurds exist, many of my friends are Kurdish and respect them as much as any other ethnic group. In Turkey Kurds werent allowed to speak Kurdish in their own homes until 1991....was this ever the case in Iran? 5) how many other countries in which Kurds live have their own state? -------- Iran (pre-revolution) treated you with the upmost respect and dignity and once the monarchy fell you seized on your opportunity to take what you could irrespective of the Iranian Nation as a whole. and can you explain this? (not that you're personally responsible...)
  8. I'm bk, was busy with school and stuff. So whats been happenin?
  9. I swear australia was first colonized by british convicts so if anyone was dogs wouldn't it be the australians? no offence intended....but u shouldnt have generalised. :u:
  10. Dariush

    Persian Gulf Website

    that google bomb is jokes! ) ) ) ) ) )
  11. Dariush

    if u can be a cartoon character who would u be and

    akheiiiii!!! jooon!! :DD 95229[/snapback] 2 cute ) albate na inke sara kheyli ice skating esh aaaaaaaaliye!!! 95237[/snapback] i didnt realise sliding around on ur azz counted as skating..... ) ) ) ) :haha: :haha:
  12. Dariush

    RAfTiM JAaMe jAhAni!

    i jus wanna be prepared if im attacked by 500+ hezbollahis ) ) ) ) ) ) )
  13. Dariush


    Car: 2005 Mercedes Mclaren SLR Description: This is the first SLR that has been totalled. There was one other SLR that has had a fender bender but the damage wasn't that bad. The story behind this: Former world boxing champion Prince Naseem Hamed, 31 years old, was passing several vehicles illegally when he crashed head-on with a Volkswagen Golf. He had 2 other passengers in the SLR at the time of the crash. They all got out and ran away from the scene of the accident. One of the passengers in the Volkswagon had a broken arm and needed urgent medical attention. Hamed and his 2 passengers were arrested, questioned, and released on bail. Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
  14. Dariush

    RAfTiM JAaMe jAhAni!

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... wot flag shall i bring? ) ) ) :DD :DD :DD :afrique7bo:
  15. Dariush

    Rafsanjani Vs. Sean Penn

    muhahahaha..... ) 1290_copy.bmp