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    Johnny Walker/Jack Daniels/Jameson <br />Best cure for a cold = Irish Wiskey<br />Vodka = Skool, Svedka, & Absolut<br />I luv that sticky iky
  1. GLTitan7

    how old are you??

    omg....i'm w u on that... past few weeks ive been sitting with old friends, and of course we are reminiscing of "glory days", its a great & sad time...
  2. GLTitan7


    that song is great! im sry to ask this but who is Boney M, was he a one hit wonder?
  3. GLTitan7

    Spanish Football Clubs Are The Europe Kings

    very true...its not worth it
  4. GLTitan7

    I Am Back

    wut happened sia?
  5. GLTitan7

    Spanish Football Clubs Are The Europe Kings

    racist barca???? umm it was real madrid that up until 2001 had an entire section of their crowd devoted to racism if you dont recall? The catalans & the Basque (bilbao) & dreams for nationalism are all comprehendable...R.MADRID needs some stability, the coaching decisions have been awful... barca has been playing great, i mean even a mediocre player like Eto'o gets 25 goals, La liga always is a split between the two, except for the RACIST FRANCO YEARS... Regardless, spanish football has been dethroned as European kings. EPL has been incredible the last few seasons, especially due to funding for the EPL
  6. GLTitan7

    I Am Back

    welcome back...welcome back!
  7. GLTitan7

    Spanish Football Clubs Are The Europe Kings

    What a great day! Go Barca! They deserve every trophy they play in this year (unfortunately it will be a difficult & hard task to win Champions League)... Yet the Copa & Liga definitely are going to the right team. They play great, look great, and act professionally. Barcelona beat Athletic to lift 25th Copa del Rey By Reuters May 13, 2009 Three goals in a devastating nine-minute spell at the start of the second half saw Barcelona to a 4-1 win over Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final on Wednesday and the first of three possible titles. GettyImages Barcelona celebrate during the 4-1 win Yaya Toure levelled for Barca in the first half before Lionel Messi, Bojan Krkic and Xavi struck after the break to give the club their 25th Copa del Rey. The Catalans could wrap up the Primera Liga title this weekend and they face Manchester United in the Champions League final on May 27. "Now we are reaping the rewards of all the hard work we have put in during the season," Barca midfielder Sergio Busquets told Spanish state television as the team celebrated on the pitch. "I hope this weekend we can secure our second title." Barca had an unfamiliar look in defence with reserve keeper Jose Manuel Pinto in goal and Yaya Toure at centre back again, and they were quickly exposed at a set piece. Pinto had tipped a Javi Martinez shot round the post and Fran Yeste made it count. His whipped-in corner after nine minutes found Gaizka Toquero rising above two defenders to head in at the back post. Athletic looked fresher, snapping at Barca all over the pitch, until Toure stepped up to level in spectacular fashion as he advanced out of defence. The Ivory Coast midfielder went past three Bilbao players in the 31st minute, and from outside the area drilled a low shot inside the near post. Gradually Barca asserted themselves and as they swarmed round the Bilbao area in the 55th minute it was Messi who struck, firing through a crowd of legs after Gorka Iraizoz could only parry Samuel Eto'o's shot. Three minutes later, Bojan raced through on a break to score off the far post and with Bilbao reeling Xavi curled a superb freekick over the wall and in off the near post in the 64th. Just before Xavi's goal the match was held up briefly after Barcelona defender Daniel Alves was hit on the head by a tin can thrown from the stands. Alves was able to continue and television pictures showed police leading a fan away. Athletic were a broken team after that, but earn a place in next season's Europa League with Barca's place in the Champions League assured for next year.
  8. GLTitan7

    For AL~Our deepest condolences

    Sorry to hear that CACY, best of luck these next few weeks, yet at the same time.
  9. GLTitan7

    Pretty much Lost it!

    I'm not realli familiar with Qotbi, but after reading his about him, he seems to be one of the most experienced coaches we've had in a long time. I also hear that hes going to start recalling some of the old guys Zandi, Teyourian (i think hes injured) & Karimi (for sure). So, this could prove to be great. He coached S.Korea under Hiddink (the Goose!), so hes knowledge will prove worthy for 2 of our next three games. I'm just hoping that its not to late! BTW DID ANEONE SEE DAEI's post-match interview? wut a jerk, and he sounds like a badgirl (sry ladies)...GOD i cant believe hes the all-time goal scorer in fifa (even though nobody realli recognizes it) he sounds so funny, and im always in AWWW wen i see pele (as long as it has nothing to do w politics), maradona (yea hes got coke issues & hes just as bad as coach as daei), or ENzo, etc... wen they speak... NOT THE SAME W DAEI, FIFA needs to erase that record!
  10. GLTitan7


  11. GLTitan7


    i was so into No Homo two years ago, brings back good memories, walkin around seein drunk guys who are straight talkin to each other way to closely to the point i was like "no homo" bc it was flirty.... it was started with Camron the rapper....
  12. GLTitan7


    love the kid... hes got a second song he dances to...
  13. GLTitan7

    Hi to all new members!

    um Hi? best of luck, good health and hav a peaceful & enlightenin life or stay within this forum
  14. GLTitan7

    Hamed Haddadi

    Haddadi was sent down to the D League in Feb for the second time this season (i was nervous, it felt like it meant that it could be the end for him), but he was brought back partially due to the promotions for the games in LA... u know the persian appreciation nites..., darko got injured again, and he slowly has been given more minutes (ritefully so, i mean wut did the grizzlies hav to play for late in the season they finished 17-65 or something like that, why not play ur rookies and develop them) regardless his stat sheet looked good, they stopped throwing him in their for GARBAGE Minutes... and he inspired a 4th quarter comeback against golden statei on the 30th of march... his season is over with, but they are continuin to condition and work on his raw offesnive skills, hes a promising prospect still... by mid-march he was gettin more minutes, this helps him to adjust to the game better, but he seems to hav problems with fouling which is typical for a raw prospect who hasnt realli been playin competitive ball like in the NBA. Haddadi Game Log for 08-09' season the game against GSW was sick stat line was 10 mins (all in the 4th quarter), 10 pts, 8 rebounds, 1 block, 1 foul, 1 tournover hes not a bad free throw shooter, and his defensive game is good (will get better), his conditionin needs to improve... he is 7'2'' 250lbs but he needs muscle esp upper body, hopefully some good cardio mixed with leg work outs will polish his game... regardless im proud, hes a great ambassador, nice, charismatic, humorous and humble being hes representin us well, no matter how long he plays in the NBA... ONe thing is for sure, he has opened a new gateway, and he has an experiencce in which he can help spread in Iran. Haddadi playin the NBA will cause more Iranians to play ball, but still soccer will be number one... yet bball qwill improve in IRAN
  15. Omg... f***** hilarious, the OJ part, Angelinas got one madonnas got one, brunos got one & omg SEX N CITY bit.... idk wen it will be released this summer but it looks great.... Bruno trailer (youtube)