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  1. xerxes13

    Travelling in Iran

    embassy can you give me some contacts, currently i can only get a 7 day transit visa
  2. of curse i dte some1 yonger, which old girl wants old man ? which young girl wants old man, ok she wants it (not him) if he is rich enough
  3. acept it, you have lot, there is no way to be different either they call on patriotic persian attitudes or the call on islamic attitudes and you you have no chance because you you donot have the guts to argue about both things, yout mama will teach you...and the whole society, the argument is lost, becuse if your believing is in danger you will be persion, if you have to live in iran you give up and become patriotic....
  4. democrazy has lost, as you have learnt, all those iranians matherloving maniacs shall look up destinction between religion and daily living, most of you cannot accekt it, so stay in dark ages, if you want to discuss here you have to accept this distinction, if you cannot you are U.S.taliban and then dont discuss, because thre is nothing you can discuss, you just believe, and cocerning believing there is nothing to discuss, you belive i believe different...
  5. xerxes13

    caravan of love

    you have lost, and dont you argue, you want it, an you have achieved it, may you be happy
  6. xerxes13

    caravan of love

    i translated your signature, so what, you wont wwin anything like this, poor guy
  7. xerxes13

    caravan of love

    i translated your signature, so what, you wont wwin anything like this, poor guy
  8. xerxes13

    Go Random

    poor iranian man if wives are like this are they really lke this, becausebthan they are are worse like whores....
  9. there is no ilamic republic because tis is controvrsial, any islamic cannot allow anything else....
  10. xerxes13

    dirty sex horoscope =p

    lol i am azz...
  11. xerxes13

    Are iranians pretenious?

    Our culture is screwed up brother. Avoid the Iranians and live a life. its not the culture its the current politics, but fortunately culture is much older than curret politics, hopefully there might be a change sooner or later
  12. well tyahats the problem persians tend to be talk frankly and because persian males know that ayatolloh or shah will always win meaning you are a wife and have no chance you HAVE to serve, and persian males know that a persian wife obeys and becaause of all this a real persian girl is very dangerous because they think all males are bad..... grieeve so much love lost
  13. i hope you want to make a better world, nationalism as itself will lead to war, first of all peopel should share that human rights are no 1, if your nationalism can respect this also for non iranians and that you can accept democracy as a well very bad system but still better than others, i might agree with you i understand that the current regime has even persiflaged their little democracy and yes i respect iran for having well educated people but pride should not be more importnat tahn respect and if you say NO MERCY well then you put yourself on the same level like those savak-ahmadinedshad people (seems to be the opposite but methods are the same and you should never forget where most highranking mullahs come from: very rich families, i still cannot understand why Khomeini was against the first white revolution, maybe because this would have cost his family a bit wealth ????) but thats maybe persian culture rather fight against each other than improving something, thats why Persia has now lost much more than 30 years to say it frankly arrogant)