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  1. I hope I am not posting in the improper forum as it was a toss up between this and the "Science and Technology" forum and this forum looked more like the oasis I was looking for. Anyways... I am taking the lazy road by coming here for a little bit of help, guidance or tips on how to, if at all possible, seperate, or isolate the sound [only] from a Flash Video. Believe you me; I googled and googled this question before coming here till I couldn't google no more, as one entry made less sense than the next or confused me more than the last. So I'd be grateful for any pointers on how to [lawfully] pull this off which seems to me to be more complicated than turning water into wine! Many Thanks. fredrikklaw
  2. fredrikklaw

    Spanish Football Clubs Are The Europe Kings

    Italy’s soccer is a joy to watch at international level, but I couldn’t handle a minute of a Siere A game and their Euro and Champions League dominance has long since passed on. Spain used to be the opposite of Italy but with their national team having gone through an astounding transformation in the last couple of years, Spanish soccer is now great to watch at both levels, save the prima donna Brazilian contingency at club level ala Rolando and Rolandinhio, et al. Where a good case can be argued for Ronaldinhio’s soccering feats, I am amazed that Ronaldo is still being paid as a professional soccer player and was named Euro/World Player even once, never mind two or three. As for the best league this side of the Milky Way, well, EPL is of course IT! Bar None and hands down, and I think Manchester United, Liverpool and my beloved Arsenal, and (O.K. even Chelsea) make up the top half of the best European clubs list. And yes! I highly agree that it has been the infusion into EPL of some truly exceptional Spanish (and Portuguese), and of course French Players that makes EPL the power house that it is today, and for that we have Messer Wenger and Ferguson to thank for, for plucking most of them from obscurity and turning them into world class players while Italian and Spanish clubs always buy off the rack celebrity players, and it seems to always be Brazilians! Arsenal es el fútbol, el fútbol es el Arsenal, Arsenal es mi vida!
  3. fredrikklaw

    Hi to all new members!

    Greetings to one and all and thank you Admin for rubber-stamping my pass. On this momentous occasion, I really cannot help feeling a bit of déjà vu (as they say in France) that I have been to these nice shores before as some of the names and faces look a tad familiar! In any event, it is good to be on a such a well put together and patronized forum and looking forward to giving my 2 cents here and there. So, Permission to Come Aboard, Please! fredrikklaw