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  1. Very interesting discussion. May I try say about my position?

    I am Christians. I  treat to all world religion with respect: to Islam and Judaizm.

    I am believe, that religion is not only for control of society, but is the mean for the conversation with God, who is really exist.

    The main regulations of Islam are true and for Christians (and Judaizm). God is alone. Is life after death. Judgement Day.

    Each  believer must to pray, to fast and  to charity. Pray is one of the main means conversation with God. Fast is not only abstention from food and sex, but forgiveness, compassion, abstention from insult.

    Muslims and Christians must to respect your parents, wife’s, neighbors.

    The main rule of  ethics all of 3 world religion is: do for other peoples such things, which you wish for himself.

    God is merciful to those people, which is merciful to other people.

    The Muslims laws are promote effective economy, to respect private property, honest competition; to forbid monopolism, usury; to fight with corruption.

    My practical position is near Shazdah Khanom, which pray in your heart. She consider, that we are must fight not with other people, but with own sins: I admire girls which not only nice but respectable :wub: . I like Kimo, which know more about Islam :wub: . I read before, that Islame and Christian are differ from each other only one: both maintain justice and mercy, but Islam closer to justice and Christian to mercy. Kimo said that Jesus is mercy after Mosaic Laws, but Muhammad strike a balance between themes. It is interesting and I don’t want to discuss with it. I get big pleasure from posts Maheshabe14 and Angel :wub:  :wub: . As for Konjkav: his position is interesting for me, but knowledge without love… I respect to KittiCat: she has own opinion and defend it – my best wishes! I like her posts  :wub: . From guys I respect Justsomeguy, I almost agree with him.

    In reality I am a bad believer, but I will  try.

    Thanks You: You give me forces to write these post. Now I know English a little more. Excuse me for my bad English.    :c




    well... Welcome

  2. u definitely need both beauty and brains to have "chemistry" as pourya said....however beauty is only skin deep...and jus bcoz someone looks gr8 doesnt mean they are a nice person in their heart......u have to have brains, beauty AND a beautiful heart.....thats for me personally.... :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:




    wooo, very rare jewel!

  3. It's important, not just a bunch of sea.

    It's related to the history of a whole people, why not calling the "statue of liberty" the statue of new york or indian statue in that case (I know the example is silly)?


    Every symbol has its purposes.

    For the Iranian people, this one means a lot...


    When the American call it arabian gulf, they do it on the same way the use to change histoy in Europe accordingly with their interests (with Turkey for example). It's amazing how they dare to change historical facts to keep interests.


    That's also why there are so much islamits and extremists on the other side who try to do same with USA, blaming them for every thing against islam andtying to kill them.


    All that is just policy, but as far a Iran is concerned, it's important. It's also a test IMO to determine wheter iranians are still or not nationalits and keep ighting fo their country (I mean not necessary with military, but diplomacy, etc...)

  4. who was that please? for the last post?


    for shazdeh:


    1)"labelling girls with more than 3 exes as "the remaining of someone else's food" is purely ignorant and chauvinistic... " :haha:


    you think so...? But I also consider that men who always experience are taking risks for their future life... that's just my though! OK? :k

    Well, for the "remaining of others food" I agree, maybe it was too much, I use tat for slutty girls (and god knows I know many!!!!!! or are there only such around? :sh ), but I keep it! Seeking relationship doesn't mean seeking it in the most easy way! (by that I mean fu.....)

    I agree with Pourya in some way, you must know well a women, then the chemistry is to be tested. But I would do that on the last way, I mean when I'm sure the girl loves me and is worth building something, not just for a f... :sh


    2) for the smiley, well, they provide it, I use it...


    3) I'm a drama queen? then...

    Sh.. I won't answer :t get that!

    I hope you aren't "disturbed"by this one "princess"

  5. miss you provoke me!!! :sh


    It's not the matter, even if I don't agree with you, you will just behave the normal way: expose your arguments, defend them, etc... :k

    And I will discuss them with you, it's not the point if that is "sweet" or something...




    women nowadays (provocation, I agree) :haha:


    see ya 'round

  6. u dont seem to know a bit about feminism, sooo plzzzz my dear, for ur own good, try not to make any comments about them  .. feminism is not confined to just one simple theory. within feminism, there are many schools of thoughts, sometimes with opposing views, so i suggest u read more on it before making such generalized comments and watch the smilies u use, they can be very offending and its something i dont appreciate  - eg the last one u used-


    the last one what used? remark? it was not respectfull? why? tell me first before making "judgement"... :Funk:


    I agree that we must have some experience, but love is also something very important that cannot be assimilated to simple experiments, I think it's the worse way to take out all humanity from it... I'm maybe kinda romantic myself and naive (who isn't sometimes?), why not, but really, I don't think that experimenting too many times is good too... :fie:


    You have sooner or later to make a choice, or live alone while seeking short adventures with boys, it's up to ye girl! :sc


    plus i didnt say jump into bed with whoever comes to ur life or to experiment, - quite to the contrary, i'm all pro practicing celibacy before marriage out of having self-respect for oneself- i merely made a suggestion for u to watch the language u use and refrain from using such denigrating descriptions 


    "watch the language I use" and bla bla bla...

    what language please, tell me what was offending, then I'll apologize OK? I don't feel guilty for now, so don't tell me what to do unless you proove I'm wrong or disrespectful. Damn, you are a true feminist, speaking to condemn men who don't follow your ideas! wow, le culot... :nea:


    But I agree with you on that, you didn't said "jump into bed with whoever comes to ur life ...", and I agree with that. :k


    Peace and Love... ha ha

  7. Anyway...

    World is safer without religions and surperstitious ideas...

    Even in the US, the neocons are using religion as a way to dictate its policy to W.


    So... Let's not make any difference between islam, judaism and christian religion. These are only different ways to kill, crush and destroy peoples mind and identities. No religion has ever respected mind's integrity, so as drugs, alcool and so on... So why care about the matter "if Islam has been spread by the sword or not"?


    It has always been a religion made of violence, no matter what supposed "true" or "fake" muslims say...

  8. You are right in some points, but even me, if I have several relationships and always go with them on a dead end, I will necessary ask myself if I am really good or not (I feel still that I'm also to blame on some parts: I'm generally too severe...) :t


    But I don't agree with the fact that you must experience again and again and again. Because at a certain point, it becomes just routine and you cannot have anymore a good relationship based on love and honesty.

    Hey misses! You really eat what feminists say? :haha:


    Even women down here wouldn't go with a man that has too much ex girl firends. Because they would consider him as a playboy or a rude guy (or whatever else) so please, don't fool me, even women have that though, and I think it's right in some way, so I am not the only "narrow minded one" here. Or maybe in US the points of view are of course different from that in France, it's possible... :haha:


    I see how many of my friends cheat girls just to sleep with them. On one hand I admire them (hey, they are skilled!), on the other hand I feel like when they complain that their girlfriends cheat them too, they are just too stupid. It's like: "I want to make profit of others, but I don't want them to do same of me..." :k


    Every one try to find a good partner, OK. But really, if every one seek comfort without trying to adapt to its mate, it's useless. What do you think, that your soulmate will be like a puppet specially designed to fit you? Hey, come on... :nea:


    I think that talking about feminosm shows just weakness, as feminists only wish to get everything for themselves without concession. And we aren't in a so generous world!!! Funk.gif

  9. hey guys, take it easy!

    OK sorry, I posted by mistake without identifying myself, I'm sorry, it was a mistake really.


    for my quote, no, I made no double standard, I have few experience with girls, I had two girlfriends only, but quite much "proposals" from others (I didn't accepted for the principle you cited there, i don't take other people's remainings).


    I was really in love, and deceived. When I mean not other peoples remainings, I mean that I don't like girls who change always several men (more than 3 for ex).

    As I had two gf, I think it's normal from me to raise some limit for my potential soulmates.


    It may seem funny for some of you, but I think it's an objective reasoning... So no double standard, a girl with an experience similar to 2-3 boys is OK for me, with more, it's only a food remain...


    PS: sorry for my awful english!!!!!!!!!

  10. No..definately not, whether you're America, Iran, Israel, India, China, Russia, australia, zimbabwe, venezuela...NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS!



    Huh, Angel, I don't want to be impolite - really - but I think you are badly dreamy miss... :sh


    You should know that after the cold war, WMD are still considered as a ean of important power and allow a country not to fear external agression. Many countries are already working on more deadly weapons. So... sorry


    Well, I still think Iran should take them as soon as possible

  11. hhmmmmm....

    I don't know. :sh


    I seriously doubt (OKay girls, I accept what you say about yourselves, don't worry!) :nea:


    In fact, I think that for example in a party, a handsome guy has far more chances to attract the girls which will try to speak up with him or even immediatly sleep, than another who is not bad, but just normal, even if he is smart. Because no girl will look over what the man says first, she'll try to find immediatly her "charming prince".

    Once done, I agree, some girls might give up if the handsome guy in question is very stupid or not interesting to talk with, but most will just sleep with him and try to keep him. :haha:


    I've been in many many parties, sometimes, some girl was sticking at me. In my first year of university, I was still -let's say- innocent, I didn't knew why they did that with me or others (like : "wot does she wants?!"); then with years, I saw many girls behaving always in the same way, so of course, I got tired and I think few of them are really looking for a "nice, romantic or else stuff" guy, but either for a handsome guy or a wealthy guy. :sh


    But I would lie if I don't mention the fact that I also met very honest girls which were simply not interested in guys, they preferred to wait or were very hard to attract.

    Unfortunately, there are sooooooo few! sorry



    for behnoushi: of course I'm a guy, and a nice one!!!! You really made me laugh :)))

  12. he he Karach, I see... :D

    Well, I think here and everywhere else Iranian girls sleep easily with everyone as well!!!

    So if you're looking 4 a "Bakereh"/Virgin, then 4get about it!!!




    Hey man no...

    I'm not seeking a virgin, it doesn't exist nowadays :D

    No, I just wanna know more about Irani women caracter. I mean their behaviour, what they think and what Irani men think about them, that's all.


    I'm not against the fact that someone sleep before marriage, it's just normal I think, I just want to know about "behaviour". Iranian Men/Women behaviour.


    But well, if Iranian woen sleep "easily", I wouldn't get for marriage with, just short relationship and f*** :))