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    computer science, books, history, poetry<br />bicycle, roller, judo, swimming<br />music, going out with friends, various kind of leisures...
  1. karach

    Sex b4 or after marriage?

    Well, before or after... Hi Kinky pourya, I missed you! :clap2:
  2. i wish you the best guys, success, hapiness, etc... :DD And for Pourya, a lot of pretty chicks! ;) Have a nice day...
  3. karach


    Hey finally miss Angel, did you search for the quotes I gave you? I'm still waiting...
  4. karach

    Beauty or Brains?

    wooo, very rare jewel!
  5. karach

    "poverty and prostitution" in Iran

    c'mon, prostitution is every where, no need to go in irn for that. All Europe, USA, Canada, Brasil, China, Thailand, etc... have their records :sh
  6. so is it ok if he got SIBIL, but on his head?lol it's HAIR so ...!lol ;) :haha: 52847[/snapback] 52849[/snapback] hmmmm this thread is indeed an interesting study...
  7. It's important, not just a bunch of sea. It's related to the history of a whole people, why not calling the "statue of liberty" the statue of new york or indian statue in that case (I know the example is silly)? Every symbol has its purposes. For the Iranian people, this one means a lot... When the American call it arabian gulf, they do it on the same way the use to change histoy in Europe accordingly with their interests (with Turkey for example). It's amazing how they dare to change historical facts to keep interests. That's also why there are so much islamits and extremists on the other side who try to do same with USA, blaming them for every thing against islam andtying to kill them. All that is just policy, but as far a Iran is concerned, it's important. It's also a test IMO to determine wheter iranians are still or not nationalits and keep ighting fo their country (I mean not necessary with military, but diplomacy, etc...)
  8. hmmm....me 2.......vali bastani e iran is the best.....yum... 50525[/snapback] chocolate perfume for me, yeah, that's my favourite.
  9. who was that please? for the last post? for shazdeh: 1)"labelling girls with more than 3 exes as "the remaining of someone else's food" is purely ignorant and chauvinistic... " :haha: you think so...? But I also consider that men who always experience are taking risks for their future life... that's just my though! OK? :k Well, for the "remaining of others food" I agree, maybe it was too much, I use tat for slutty girls (and god knows I know many!!!!!! or are there only such around? :sh ), but I keep it! Seeking relationship doesn't mean seeking it in the most easy way! (by that I mean fu.....) I agree with Pourya in some way, you must know well a women, then the chemistry is to be tested. But I would do that on the last way, I mean when I'm sure the girl loves me and is worth building something, not just for a f... :sh 2) for the smiley, well, they provide it, I use it... 3) I'm a drama queen? then... Sh.. I won't answer :t get that! I hope you aren't "disturbed"by this one "princess"
  10. karach


    miss you provoke me!!! :sh It's not the matter, even if I don't agree with you, you will just behave the normal way: expose your arguments, defend them, etc... :k And I will discuss them with you, it's not the point if that is "sweet" or something... tssssss... women nowadays (provocation, I agree) :haha: see ya 'round
  11. karach


    yep you are 100% right!!!
  12. the last one what used? remark? it was not respectfull? why? tell me first before making "judgement"... :Funk: I agree that we must have some experience, but love is also something very important that cannot be assimilated to simple experiments, I think it's the worse way to take out all humanity from it... I'm maybe kinda romantic myself and naive (who isn't sometimes?), why not, but really, I don't think that experimenting too many times is good too... You have sooner or later to make a choice, or live alone while seeking short adventures with boys, it's up to ye girl! :sc "watch the language I use" and bla bla bla... what language please, tell me what was offending, then I'll apologize OK? I don't feel guilty for now, so don't tell me what to do unless you proove I'm wrong or disrespectful. Damn, you are a true feminist, speaking to condemn men who don't follow your ideas! wow, le culot... But I agree with you on that, you didn't said "jump into bed with whoever comes to ur life ...", and I agree with that. :k Peace and Love... ha ha
  13. karach


    Anyway... World is safer without religions and surperstitious ideas... Even in the US, the neocons are using religion as a way to dictate its policy to W. So... Let's not make any difference between islam, judaism and christian religion. These are only different ways to kill, crush and destroy peoples mind and identities. No religion has ever respected mind's integrity, so as drugs, alcool and so on... So why care about the matter "if Islam has been spread by the sword or not"? It has always been a religion made of violence, no matter what supposed "true" or "fake" muslims say...