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  1. ~cinderella~

    Answer and ask the next person

    lol yea i mean who wouldnt be?? this actually has happend to me recently but it wasnt working out bcuz i didnt feel the same, and if its one way... it sux big time... eventhogh, i loved all the attention, caring, love that i was getting but yea had to let go... bcuz am the kinda person who'd like to play around.... i jst get to the point, its not working so we gota end it there... oh well am not gona drag this too long lol as long as i have answerd the question :p okay my que: does anyone know where Boozer is??? i've lost contact with him... i dunno what has happend to him, i really do hope that he is fine...
  2. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    but what exactly do u mean by design! like a drawing or a photo design!! :bl awww such adorable lil girl... i'd love to draw her... i love baby galzzz...
  3. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    hahah ur so cutee u can give me a pic of ur face and i'd draw it for you if you'd like hehe
  4. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    ahem :blink: im so not gona draw a nude guy LOL so zahmat nakesh siamak jan!! lolz okie dokie :air_kiss_wft: o0o0o wut u gona desing for me :bl
  5. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    good-- i am waiting . the post above u, was the drawing i was talking about! lol u c i cant use my imagination to draw so i have to have something to draw from! and hmm it'd be kinda awkward looking for nude women pix to draw from :huh: ----------- @tripple555 jaann: okie dokie, send me a close up pic so i can see ur face properly then i'll draw it for u ;)
  6. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    hmm it came out quite light... cant be bothered editing it...
  7. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    heheh awww shanks u guys :bl im flattered ur so sweet triple555 jaannn :air_kiss_wft: want me to draw u too?? lol siamak! hmm i havent done any nude drawings LOL but i got a drawing that is somewhat close to that! not really lol i will post it either way :p hehe
  8. ~cinderella~


    salamm and welcome... hey awsome pic, nice bling bling hehe :p will check out ur myspace for sure, and best of luck Imaan
  9. ~cinderella~

    Your own Art work

    i did this last nite, only spend 2hrz on it :p
  10. ~cinderella~


    they look sho hot and sexy when u wear em :bl
  11. ~cinderella~

    Go Random

    i only had a few hrs of sleep for the past couple of days and it has been hell.... all these bloody assignemnts are due.... man cant wait to finish and get all these over with soon! jst one more week to go...
  12. ~cinderella~

    Happy Birthday Cinderella

    Ariaaaaaaaaaaa, ghorbonet belam man elahi, i lub you heaps dadashi :air_kiss_wft: thank you once again for the bday wishz aww sooo sweet of u siamak jan, mamnon :air_kiss_wft: triple555 joon, that is the cutes and pweeties bday card everrrrrrrrrrrrr merci azizam
  13. ~cinderella~

    Happy Birthday Cinderella

    awwwwwwwwwwww oh my gosh... sooo sweeet... im so flattered.... wow... merci peano jooooooooooooon.. mwah mwah mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh and a big hug hehe lolz pouryaaaa tanko for the tip :p mwah mwah :air_kiss_wft: madeo, my sweeeeet sweeeeeeet friend, thank you sho berry mucho, lub you :air_kiss_wft: 0o0o0o the gift, how am i ever to thank you :bl mwahhh mwahhh *hug* akhhh there is so much love in the air.... i feel sho happy :bl the last couple of days i had such great and wonderful time :clap2:
  14. ~cinderella~

    am i welcome

    you are welcome yes :dance_baby_wft:
  15. ~cinderella~


    hehe alright alright i'll buy one :bl