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  1. Lol, what's a healthy number of cycles?
  2. etuate

    Sex For Pleasure

    Will there be answers?
  3. I guess for a guy in the relationship with her, it would be good news.. Heh still put in some kind of effort for her though
  4. Lol, on the new over here apparently there have been a few reports of domestic violence. Pretty sad..
  5. etuate


    I'm not Iranian, but my heritage origin is not of the country I live in. I find it so interesting to find this topic in here because it is something I believe occurs in all communities where migration takes place. Despite being born into this country I live in now, I was raised in the culture of my parents. This was my native tongue so naturally when I attended English speaking schools, I found it very difficult to cope with. Slowly but surely I learnt English but at the cost of my mother tongue degrading in eloquence. My command of that language is pretty much restricted to only common every usage and nothing spectacular. I guess this degrading of my heritage has occurred to and even worse degree in my younger sibblings. They can't even speak the original language. This saddens me, and my parents even more. The thing is that they miss out on our grandparents. Not being able to communicate to them, they miss out on all the wealth of knowledge they possess and can never really know. I guess I realised early on the importance of my languages and feel fortunate for this.
  6. Thought I'd randomly jump in here and add my 5 cents... But I'd definitely agree with Keano. I figured I've spent too much time being all broke ass and hung up about that sorta thing. Best thing to do is not wallow in the past but rather look to the future. Even though at the time the despair might be overwhelming, you can either stay and be negative (which does nothing for you in the long run) or pick yourself up and just keep on trucking... Anyway, my 5 cents. Hi to everyone by the way...
  7. etuate

    Hi to all new members!

    Hey from New Zealand!! How's everyone going? Hopefully I'll settle in nicely. Good to be here.