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  1. persiancutie19

    Drinking Games!!

    it should be like "persian drinking game"
  2. persiancutie19

    Answer and ask the next person

    when i was 17! i loved it! best year of my entire life! everything went so smoothly! q: if you had a family that had forgotten you litterly, what would u do? or say to them?
  3. persiancutie19

    Drinking Games!!

    well i have fun all the time, sober or drunk! and honestly i have more self confidence when im drunk then when im sober! i say whatever i want to whoever and i dont really care if tey like it or not! so dont feel bad! whatever! i dont care about all this bull crap! anything that makes me more happier than i already am, its good for me! u name it!
  4. persiancutie19

    Drinking Games!!

    ok so due to my roots, i have came up with this cute thing fr this new years! well me and my dad are like buddies (i know a persian dad, ODD) so anyways we didnt do the whole 7 sin and sofre blah blah but what we did was we took 7 shots of 7 different alcohols! LOL yea we had fun!
  5. persiancutie19

    Answer and ask the next person

    A: you don't look, its supposed to find you! blah blah blah... but i tell you what your soul mate is supposed to make you face your Shoot, so if he/she is being lovely dovely with you run the other direction! Q: are you easy?
  6. persiancutie19

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    you dont mean that do you now????
  7. persiancutie19

    Go Random

    i want to meet people who speak the language of love (Farsi)
  8. persiancutie19

    Happy Birthday Lili

    lol its ok i had fun and i already am a great person
  9. persiancutie19

    Answer and ask the next person

    first of all its not 2 canadidate....its 3 obama, mccain and some other random dude i think she backed down for whatever reason, but her and obama are on the same side
  10. persiancutie19

    Words Association Game

    i u too adil.
  11. persiancutie19

    Rate the avatar above you!

    vaaaaaay ghorbonesh besham man..... 20 in my book
  12. persiancutie19

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    i send my love to adil
  13. persiancutie19

    Happy Birthday Lili

    elahiiiiii mersi mersi mersi aww im in tears mersi inghadr behem khosh gozasht ke dastam shikast )
  14. persiancutie19

    Answer and ask the next person

    wow .... Baharestan :clap2: esfahan... obama or mccain?
  15. persiancutie19

    Where do you live? When did you leave Iran?

    born in Tampa, Florida....then went to school in iran (masjed soleyman , khozestan)1370(1990) and now im back to my birth place and and and the no sooo cool thing is i came back to united states on the actual 9/11 ...but a yr later after what happened