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  1. x)SaRa(x

    Al's Rants

    Akhey Al. I do miss your rants.
  2. x)SaRa(x

    What would you give as a gift to the person above you?

    a gorgeous handbag....
  3. x)SaRa(x

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    Sending my love forever and always to my Agha Joon....Baba Bozorge man...I'm so sorry I couldnt be with you in your final days...I will never forgive myself... Rest In Peace.... :sadangel:
  4. x)SaRa(x

    Answer and ask the next person

    depends on the day... There is no point in having the European Union.... True or False??
  5. x)SaRa(x

    sex & Empty forum =)

    As Keano said...and Pourya... People have either moved on....or stopped posting for personal reasons... to be honest i think that if someone decides to stop posting on any forum then thats their business...why dwell on the past when you have better things to do?? SaRa.....(an ex member maybe??? LOL)
  6. x)SaRa(x


    i sooooo love being pushed around eastern europeans while on my way to work... how kind of them to swear and curse at me in their lovely poetic language when i do not retaliate whatsoever. HAH
  7. x)SaRa(x

    Farsi word association thread

  8. x)SaRa(x

    Omid Jalili -- One more fantastic work!!!

    omid is better than Maz.... Maz is way to american for my liking...i dnt really understand his humour sometimes...
  9. x)SaRa(x


    ^^ i was just about to say that sending u lots of kisses and hugs on your birthday azize golam wuv u!xx
  10. x)SaRa(x

    Hotties' Pix!

    LOL.... bah bah...ye pesare dorost hesabi! LOOL
  11. x)SaRa(x

    *MOS being re-launched*

    kewl kewl....how is ur gorgeous abji? she is good, she moved to dubia she is going to work for emirites. i miss her plenty akhey!!!! nemidoonestam!!!! awwwwwwwww........pas hatman delet tang shode! *boosboos*x
  12. x)SaRa(x

    *MOS being re-launched*

    kewl kewl....how is ur gorgeous abji? lol keanoush jaan...