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  1. faran9691


    I just wanna say siamak damn thats some real sexy stuff you have posted in your default pic. Is she Jennifer love hewite or however its spelled....
  2. faran9691

    Michael Jackson died!

    Yea whats up with all these bad news comin at same time.... I hear NK is threatening with nuclear weapon!
  3. faran9691

    what are you listening to

    Yare Bala Boland by Davood Behboodi
  4. You're right, they dont. However, they also dont want Islamic regime to possibly get any bigger than what it is and spread out. Remember anytime an Islamic country like Iran gets more power than it can handle, it could get very dangerous! Did you see what Sadam was doing? You'd be a fool to believe if Iran (I repeat IF Iran has nuclear weapons) that they wont use it or at least sell it to others in order to destroy Israel and who knows where after that!!! Yes I also dont see if the answer is to bomb the country or invade it just like Iraq but IF and when its proven that the Islamic regime in Iran is in fact working on nuclear weapons then why not destroy the nuclear activity area ?
  5. faran9691

    New Flag

    Yes I agree. Always shiro khorshid
  6. faran9691

    Hi to all new members!

    Salam doostan.... manam umadam.