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  1. ä§à!

    What is Love?

    Love Is like an Iceberg Love is like an iceberg in that Most is not observed. The deep part grinds against far shores No port has ever served. My feelings for you are beyond All words, all thoughts, all knowing. My love lies deep beneath my sea, With need and passion showing. But the bulk of it moves silently, Counting days in years. I think of you and suddenly My heart is wrenched with tears. I feel within me something huge, Unseen but lovely, move; I know I'm just a breath across This dark and awesome love.
  2. ä§à!

    What is Love?

    Love is patient with a life That brings its share of pain. We know sometime there is an end To the most stubborn rain. We know the sun comes out again On a world that's fresh and new, And all the gifts we freely give Somewhere, sometime accrue. We know sometimes we have to wait For life to come around, And sometimes that it won't, but still There's some good to be found. And even when things happen that Your soul can hardly bear, Know that I'll be next to you; My love is always there.
  3. ä§à!

    How good do you feel about yourself?

    a 0 NO REASON :huh:
  4. ä§à!

    Farsi word association thread

  5. ä§à!

    Good-Bye thread

    gotta go, wel no body is here but, i wish you all a happy new year
  6. ä§à!

    Its Arabian Gulf..NOT PERSIAN

    it' s been always PERSIAN and it wil be PERSIAN gulf forever and ever ..... ;)
  7. ä§à!


    who is DODO ? :p happy birthday dodo, i don' t know you but wish you all the good stuff
  8. ä§à!

    I Can't Wait...

    i can' t wait till my birthday comes
  9. ä§à!

    Hotties' Pix!

  10. ä§à!

    Hotties' Pix!

    my lil hottie fav. http://web.farsichat.com/picture_gallery/a...am_Radan/5b.jpg
  11. ä§à!

    Farsi word association thread

  12. ä§à!

    What did you have for super?

    i had an apple
  13. ä§à!

    Good-Bye thread

    wel i am gonna go too it is too late and i have sleep and be ready for tomarro see ya guys ciao
  14. ä§à!

    I dislike...

    oh , sorry wel i thought another think about this threat bebakhshid it was my fault , the king of bia2 forum :p
  15. ä§à!

    How good do you feel about yourself?

    wel i think i'll give myself a 4 good thing : i' ve seen my fav. movie bad thing : i have work to do fot tomarrow