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  1. kingdang

    Comments on new iranian releases

    i guess thats something i need to do this weekend...get the album
  2. you shouldn't take that site as a primary source eh because i really think the figures aren't right at all
  3. kingdang

    What are you doing this weekend?

  4. kingdang

    ****ART PARADE****

    fav art well to rep where i am now i gota say anything by the group of seven one of my fav is this piece right here
  5. kingdang

    Your Favourite Books

    a fav of mine too
  6. when was the last time you had some a couple of days ago
  7. kingdang

    Answer and ask the next person

    netherlands no bro i don't think so i think portugal will take it this year ronaldo is on fire...where are you now?
  8. maybe yea sex is not everything right?