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  1. jayrobinson15

    Who won't ever get married?

    I would say maybe, but most likely no.
  2. jayrobinson15

    last time...

    this morning
  3. jayrobinson15

    Unsatisfying Sexual Relationship

    No it's not everything, but it is definitely an important part of most relationships.
  4. jayrobinson15


    I feel like watching some Seinfeld tonight, but I haven't watched anything yet today.
  5. jayrobinson15


    Homebrew by 311, perfect song for the summer, especially the fourth of July (listen to the lyrics)
  6. jayrobinson15

    has anyone gone to Tiesto's concert?

    No I haven't been to one yet, but I hope to sometime this year. Let us know how it was.
  7. jayrobinson15

    lyric mood

    The snakes and arrows a child is heir to Are enough to leave a thousand cuts We build our defenses, a place of safety And leave the darker places unexplored Sometimes the fortress is too strong Or the love is too weak What should have been our armor Becomes a sharp and angry sword Our better natures seek elevation A refuge for the coming night No one gets to their heaven without a fight We hold beliefs as a consolation A way to take us out of ourselves Meditation or medication A comfort ,or a promised reward Sometimes the spirit is too strong Or the flesh is too weak Sometimes the need is just too great For the solace we seek The suit of shining armor Becomes a keen and bloody sword A refuge for the coming night A future of eternal light No one gets to their heaven without a fight Confused alarms of struggle and flight Blood is drained of color By the flashes of artillery light No one gets to their heaven without a fight The battle flags are flown At the feet of a god unknown No one gets to their heaven without a fight Sometimes the damage is too great Or the will is too weak What should have been our armor Becomes a sharp and burning sword
  8. jayrobinson15

    Go Random; Sports Edition

    I can't wait to see Derrick Rose play in the NBA. He is going to be a top 5 player by the end of his second season. I hope Chicago selects him in the draft at number 1 and he leads the team to many more championships in the next 15 years.
  9. jayrobinson15

    Afshin Ghotbi to Leave Perspolis

    That's true. Why can't IRI just let Iran enjoy some success is soccer and some occasional big victories. They are in bad shape right now, but if a few things changed they could win a lot more games on a consistent basis.
  10. jayrobinson15

    Sexy Italian Streakers at Italia Euro Practice

    Yeah they should have at least played the game for a little bit and let it go on for a little longer. Still good times though.
  11. jayrobinson15

    Iraqi playmaker still hopes for Man City transfer

    For sure, but yeah I want to see him get in as well, even though he is not a truly great player and there is a slim chance of it happening.
  12. jayrobinson15

    WCQ 2010 S. Africa

    a win's a win, but you're right, they have lowered my expectations for the next round as well
  13. jayrobinson15

    Euro 2008 babes

    ok...best thread ever, I definitely have to get out to more soccer games
  14. jayrobinson15

    Spanish Football Clubs Are The Europe Kings

    I have always wanted to see a soccer game in Spain. I have never even been to the country, and I hear from so many people that it's such a beautiful country. It certainly sounds like a wonderful country.
  15. jayrobinson15

    Euro 2008

    Yes I was upset about Italy losing. Although they did a little better than I expected. Spain does look good though.