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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS RAMON i wish you a fantastic year, with lots of goodies instore, and lots of laughter and fun, have a healthy happy year. And ofcourse enjoy partying for your day. :DD :DD :DD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMON HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TAVALOD TAVALOD TAVALODET MOBARAK MOBARAK MOBARAK TAVALODET MOBARAK
  2. *dodo*

    Answer and ask the next person

    @ keao where is your Q?
  3. *dodo*

    What's your favorite drink?

    wine white Sav white or a nice french red
  4. *dodo*

    Az khod tarif konid

    Man aslan balad nistam az khodam tarif konam chon ke besyaaaaaaaar khaki hastam
  5. *dodo*

    I Can't Wait...

    @keano and @MMeeow is Koji going to be the director loooooooooooooooool
  6. *dodo*

    Farsi word association thread

  7. *dodo*

    THIS or THAT

    No comparison IPHONE... adas polo or reshte polo?
  8. do you have any type of wierd habit? here is one of mine: i can not by shoes that have been tried on. the shoes have to be brand new and never ever been tried on in stores. and im pretty good at telling the difference b/n it.
  9. *dodo*

    lyric mood

    i dont know about you guys but to me lyrics of song alot of times refelct my mood. so yea, whats your lyric mood.
  10. *dodo*

    Go Random

    lol i think they used the original car to drive him in. omg that was funny. I am surprised they used a real air-craft also.
  11. *dodo*

    Answer and ask the next person

    Bobo is not a bird. What did u do on nye?
  12. *dodo*

    Happy New Year

    Negh negham behatrineh *clap clap*
  13. *dodo*


    After reading te books I watched the sweedish version and unfortunately was not impressed the slightest amount. The Americsn version is being release here tomorrow, I am very keen on warching how this remake will play out to be. According to a few articles regarding the movie it seems the director has changed the ending... As they do...
  14. *dodo*


    Lol or maybe enjoy obsevirving the nature of awkward kids.... Napolean Dynimate, I must have seen this movie at least 100 times. One of the only Movies I have have seen more than once. Have you watched 'the girl with dragan tattoo'? (in both versions)
  15. *dodo*

    Happy New Year

    Khob dige jamemoom jameh.... Ps. Loving the upgrade
  16. *dodo*


    As the new generation of adolescent have different expectation to what humor is now than what it use to be for our generation. I personally did not mind the inbeteweener tv show as I honestly saw scenes that reminded me of awkward kids with whom I use to attend school. . Obviously these days humor doesn't leave much to the imagination so if you were to remake this show 15 years ago a lot of the content would probably have been considered "morally incorrect". Though when watching the show I really felt that it had a lot of truth to it. As for the movie I hardly believe any movie can be as good as it's tv show. A movie to a it's tv show is like a movie to it's book. Incomparable.
  17. *dodo*

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    Really???? How many episodes did you watch?
  18. *dodo*


    Tbh Pourya the tv show is ten times better than the movie. It reminded me of all the awkward kids back in high school. Also the seperation, I wasn't keen on watching it because I thought like every other Iranian film the end will leave you in suspense,( or should I say an 'unfinished' film) which admitatly irretates the hell out of me. Well I was not wrong about that. However not seeing te trailer I found the story to be unpredictable which I rather enjoyed but then again the ending took that sweetness away.
  19. *dodo*

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    Have any of you guys been watching American horror house? ( I love this show)
  20. *dodo*


    And also have you seen te movie "the separation". An Iranian movie which has been praise rather highly globally. I've seen it, would love to get your opinion. Here is an interesting article. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204879004577108321262035022.html
  21. *dodo*


    Pourya have you seen the 'inbtweeners' tv show?
  22. *dodo*

    Words Association Game

    Mmmmmm Chocolate ( sorry can't think of any other words with chocolate on my mind) Mmmmmmmmm Chocolate
  23. *dodo*

    Go Random

    Hmm who knows in few years time our seasons will turn out to be the opposite..... Lol
  24. *dodo*

    Words Association Game