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  1. *dodo*

    Answer and ask the next person

    @ keao where is your Q?
  2. *dodo*

    What's your favorite drink?

    wine white Sav white or a nice french red
  3. *dodo*

    Az khod tarif konid

    Man aslan balad nistam az khodam tarif konam chon ke besyaaaaaaaar khaki hastam
  4. *dodo*

    I Can't Wait...

    @keano and @MMeeow is Koji going to be the director loooooooooooooooool
  5. *dodo*

    Farsi word association thread

  6. *dodo*

    THIS or THAT

    No comparison IPHONE... adas polo or reshte polo?
  7. *dodo*

    Go Random

    lol i think they used the original car to drive him in. omg that was funny. I am surprised they used a real air-craft also.
  8. *dodo*

    Answer and ask the next person

    Bobo is not a bird. What did u do on nye?
  9. *dodo*

    Happy New Year

    Negh negham behatrineh *clap clap*
  10. *dodo*


    After reading te books I watched the sweedish version and unfortunately was not impressed the slightest amount. The Americsn version is being release here tomorrow, I am very keen on warching how this remake will play out to be. According to a few articles regarding the movie it seems the director has changed the ending... As they do...
  11. *dodo*


    Lol or maybe enjoy obsevirving the nature of awkward kids.... Napolean Dynimate, I must have seen this movie at least 100 times. One of the only Movies I have have seen more than once. Have you watched 'the girl with dragan tattoo'? (in both versions)
  12. *dodo*

    Happy New Year

    Khob dige jamemoom jameh.... Ps. Loving the upgrade
  13. *dodo*


    As the new generation of adolescent have different expectation to what humor is now than what it use to be for our generation. I personally did not mind the inbeteweener tv show as I honestly saw scenes that reminded me of awkward kids with whom I use to attend school. . Obviously these days humor doesn't leave much to the imagination so if you were to remake this show 15 years ago a lot of the content would probably have been considered "morally incorrect". Though when watching the show I really felt that it had a lot of truth to it. As for the movie I hardly believe any movie can be as good as it's tv show. A movie to a it's tv show is like a movie to it's book. Incomparable.
  14. *dodo*

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    Really???? How many episodes did you watch?