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  1. Sirvan

    what are you listening to

    Right now I´m listening to some mixed artists on a Persian Channel on the radio, I have no idea about the name of the singers, I can just say that Persian music is wonderful :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: just great to start the day with some nice Persian music
  2. Sirvan

    I HAD A DREAM ...

    last night i had a dream...i was late to work but my boss instead to say something, he gave me an extra-day off :dance_baby_wft: i must try tomorrow and see what happen maybe it was a premonition :dance_baby_wft: maybe in my dream it wasn´t a day off, perhaps i was just fired :eek_wft: ok i will not try tomorrow
  3. Sirvan

    Iran before and after 1979

    I really hope that one day Iran will be free again...
  4. Sirvan


    really? omg, i´m always glad to hear someone who can italian :dance_baby_wft: BRAVA :clap2:
  5. Sirvan

    I HAD A DREAM ...

    by the way, can you really read dreams? I always have veeeery stran :dance_baby_wft: ge dreams :eek_wft:
  6. Sirvan

    I HAD A DREAM ...

  7. Sirvan

    I HAD A DREAM ...

    ehm no, just white chocolate it was
  8. Sirvan

    what are you listening to

    Right now I´m listening to Miles Davis Jazz..he´s the King of Jazz :kn :th
  9. Sirvan

    I HAD A DREAM ...

    Last night I had a strange dream, I was eating a lot of white chocolate :u: :l :f
  10. Sirvan


    Elizabeth I with Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons
  11. Sirvan

    Learning Persian

    Concerning learning Persian, for those who are going to study the language at home I suggest a CD-ROM, EuroTalk interactive Farsi for beginners...I just bought it today and found it very helpful and easy to use...
  12. Sirvan


    Thank you Mademoiselle... I see you live in London...I love London, it´s one of the most beautiful city in Europe Are you Persian?
  13. Sirvan

    ShahRukh Khan vs Hollywood Actors

    Have you guys seen the film Devdas? That´s a very well done Bollywood movie with ShahRukh Khan and Maduri Dixit :k
  14. Sirvan

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :Yo-man_-_wft: I study Persian today, so I know I must take it easy
  15. Sirvan


    I thank you all fellows