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    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :see_stars_wft: :forgetting_wft:
  2. Nehag

    Your Favourite Books

    Here is a nice book to read Dating Girls Be sure that you will find much interesting and useful for you.
  3. Nehag

    Euro 2008

    i'll be for Spain today. :winner_wft:
  4. Nehag

    last time...

    Is it so actually interesting ?
  5. Guyz, so many meditations about unsatisfying partners! If you have a partner who is constaned and unintresting in sexual relations have u tried to do anything to set her free and change her? Believe me if u are a good lover u can make a hot pussycat of any dull "iron lady". Some time, effort and experience and you will learn you girl to relax and do the things about which u did not dreamt. 99 % of girls have some pleasant unbecoming fantasies. If u guess them -u are a lucky person! :air_kiss_wft:
  6. Nehag

    Euro 2008

    And Russian team looks bad as usual. Love Holland and Spain so far :dance_baby_wft:
  7. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    Hi, as long as i'm new here. I'd like to ask a question . In Europe and North America it is quite widely-spread to buy music in on-line stores (we don't speak about downloading music from free mp3 websites). So what about the situation here?And what are the most on-line music stores here? All your opinions will be much appreciated.
  8. Nehag


    h-m. kind of cruel joke.. I like to joke..but..
  9. Nehag

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :afrique7bo: :music:
  10. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    thanks a lot!!!!! :dance_baby_wft:
  11. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    Opps, sorry -problems with my internet
  12. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    Oh, thanks for such an interesting answer. I've got that eworldrecords are the leaders in this field. Right? can you say something about Deira Music Centre. There is website seems to be up to date as well
  13. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    And what about prices? Are they more or less the same?
  14. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    I see. The information given is very relevant. I also found musicboxla.com, deiramusiccentre.com .Any opinions?
  15. Nehag

    On-line Music Stores

    Ok. I see . And what about Persian music- where is it possible to buy on-line - i mean CDs and stuff like that.
  16. Nehag


    Heh, if to think in such a way a man will definitely need more than 4 women :eek_wft:
  17. Nehag

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my warmest feeling to my friends :Love_song_wft: :gathering: :brun:
  18. Nehag

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    i feel wrecked today