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  1. Nehag

    what are you listening to

    Armin van Buuren feat Sharon den Adel -In and Out of Love :clap2:
  2. Nehag

    Evline wants to get to know me!

    I have got the same stuff in my box.]
  3. Nehag

    Whats youre fav music genre?

    At the moment i prefer trip-hop and trance. :clap2:
  4. Nehag

    ***MOVIE MUSIC***

    Wicker Park OST
  5. Nehag

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :I_am_tired_wft: :grrr_weather_wft: :slow(en):
  6. Just came today to this site http://eworldrecords.com/ and noticed that it is under constrution..for how long i wonder... :huh:
  7. Nehag

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love to you. I send my hands to you. I send my clothes to you. I send my nose to you. I send my trees to you. I send my pleas to you. Won't you send some back to me? Send your ways to me. Send your call to me. Send you days to me. Send it all to me. And when I'm high and square, When i would have you there, You will be...
  8. Nehag

    what are you listening to

    The Verve - Love is Noise..... Their new song.
  9. I just wonder what compels people to cling to the past as though it is all they’ve got, with no future to look forward to? And why do men and women find pleasure talking about their ex to someone they met online or were recently introduced by a friend?
  10. Nehag

    what's ur favourite smiley :P

    mine is :forgetting_wft:
  11. Nehag

    I Miss...

    i miss my ipod :c
  12. Nehag


    Yesterday i watched "Girl,interrupted