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    Fellas post YOUR pics!

    khob pesarhaye bia2, sum1 sed u wudnt post ur pics - nows ur chance 2 prove them rong. shoroo konin be post kardan!
  2. october_beauty

    Amaleh Damagh

    browsing a few iranian sites, uno the ones where uput ur pic up and ppl rate u and comment etc.... well ive noticeed what a bad attitude iranian guys have to girls noses. For a while I wondereed why Iranian girls (and some boys) are so obsessed with having nose jobs, when most iranians have well, not the best noses anyway. However, when I saw that these guys started crtitiscing the poor girl if their nose wasn't curved at the exact "right" angle and telling them that "ye amale damagh dastboosete" etc, I realised why so many poor girls undergo surgery every year to fix their nose. anyway, u guys are nice and i hope u wouldn't discriminate against a perfectly fine looking girl for having a slightly big nose, but why are iranian guys like this? and whose fault is it really? have the girls justified the behavious of these morons with their numerous nose jobs? or have the guys victimised or bullied the girl into because of constant pressure and what is fast becoming a must have - a new nose. your opinions plz.
  3. october_beauty

    KaHoo Thread!

    Hey guys Well seeing that these wonderfully talented dudes hav so many fans, and i think just about evry1 in here likes SOMETHING about them, be it their music or looks or style or WOTEVA, i decided 2 make a KaHoo thread. basically, jus post anything 2 do with kamran & hooman - discuss the new vid, post pics, give links 2 sites with stuff about them....anything! hope u all like! Nilu XxX
  4. october_beauty

    Live 8

    as im sure most of us know, yesterday 9 concerts where staged in 9 different places of the world, to raise awareness and funds for the poor of africa, and to try and persuade the G8 leaders to cancel all debts from this continent. Concerts were played in: Hyde Park, London Siegessäule, Berlin Palais de Versailles, Paris Circus Maximus, Rome Museum of Art, Philadelphia Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg Red Square, Moscow and the Eden Project concert the UK show began at 2pm and it all kicked off with a spectacular performance of "Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club" by Paul McCartney and U2. other british performances included: Paul McCartney and U2 U2 Coldplay Coldplay and Richard Ashcroft Sir Elton John Sir Elton John and Pete Doherty Dido Dido and Youssou N'Dour Stereophonics REM Ms Dynamite Keane Travis Bob Geldof Annie Lennox UB40 Snoop Dogg Razorlight Madonna Snow Patrol The Killers Joss Stone Scissor Sisters Velvet Revolver Sting Mariah Carey Robbie Williams The Who Pink Floyd Sir Paul McCartney Sir Paul McCartney and George Michael Hey Jude Finale all in all, it was an AMAZING UNFORGETTABLE show....even though i only watched it off the TV....which i was glued to 4 the entire 8 hours until the midnight finale.
  5. october_beauty


    salam evry1 ok i know i havent been here 4 aaaages and stuff....but cud u like give me a little help? based on the stuff ive seen in thr bia2 art thread and stuff, i know theres a few of u that can do really good IT drawings. nway i have 2 draw a jar in IT for my art work, and i was wondering if any of u could do it 4 me. it shudnt take long. a jar something like the 1 attachd. and cud u also tell me how u did it lol cos i hav 2 hav a mthod. plz help!!!! sankio!!!!!!!!!!1 Nilu XxX
  6. october_beauty


    heheh i have none of those programmes, but we have corel draw @ skool. u can say u used any programme, they dont need 2 know if i have them or not!!!
  7. october_beauty


    basically, the jar i posted was my drawing. as part of my unit 2 coursework 4 art, i have 2 draw a jar using IT, and write a brief paragraph describing my method and how i did it. not 2 elaborate! if u could just write me a paragraph saying what programme, brush, tool etc u used it would be perfect. pretend you're telling a teacher lol
  8. october_beauty


    just a bit..... :silly_wft: :silly_wft:
  9. october_beauty


    moteasefane I cant come here often….blocked lol I don’t need that much detai on the method, just need to say what tools I used etc and the programme obviously my email is darkangel682@hotmail.com if u can email me a method it would be greatly ppprecaited. bzzam bebakhshid az zahmat!!! Nilu
  10. october_beauty


    1st things 1st....i know it looks like big time porroee just coming on when i need help, but bia2 is blokced on my home pc and i can only sneak on it 4 a msg like once in a blue moon!!!! sorry about how it looks!!! vali een karam kheeeeeeeeeyli urgent bood!!! 2dndly, no pro amelia joon.....we all have lives, midoonam aziz. thanks 4 ur good intentions neway 3rdly, sara joonb thnx 4 emailing me the pics….greatly appreciated and last but certainly not least, THANKU SO MUCH MR.ZEDEHAL….aslan ham zede hal nisT dadash!!! koli behem hal dadi lol. ur drawings r amazing!!! bazam thanku!!! and if u could email me or msg on bia2 how u did them, it would be wonderful. and thanks 4 the compliment on my name…..kool sig azizam. kurt cobain rules woohoo!!! :gentleman_in_wft[1]: :gentleman_in_wft[1]: :gentleman_in_wft[1]:
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    erm thnx mahnand joon....ohom amelia joon are hamoon.....plzz do it 4 me if u can!! ghorboonet aziz....KINDA URGENT LOL Nilu XxX
  12. october_beauty


    Ok man ye dokhtare bahejabam, im 15 as u all no. albate be hejabam yejoorai shak kardam va dige motmaen behesh nistam. hala bikhial az een, nazare shoma darbareye hejab va dokhtarane bahejaab chist?
  13. october_beauty

    Good-Bye thread

    bye every1!!! nice coming back after ages mwah :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :silly_wft: just couldnt resist sorry lol
  14. october_beauty

    My Dream

    really?! well there we go :happy_wft: :happy_wft:
  15. october_beauty

    This stupid thing gets me mad

    oh :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :silly_wft:
  16. october_beauty

    My Dream

    erm pouryas just a teeeeeeency bit 2 old 4 me..... and god knows what siamak would do 2 me
  17. october_beauty

    Watch this.....

    omg r these ppl 4 REAL!?!? no way .... no way..... and dude that black man had an AGENDA goin on ..... he wanted 2 bomb every damn country in the world
  18. october_beauty

    This stupid thing gets me mad

    parental restrictions :punishing_wft: wot a surprise
  19. october_beauty

    *People and Animals in Harmony*

    wow...not actually big fan of animals but these are amazing. the faded antique photo format used really sets it off 2....i dont think they would have had as much impact in colour
  20. october_beauty


    since im rooze....some gorosnegi :silly_wft: :silly_wft:
  21. october_beauty

    This stupid thing gets me mad

    i dont!!!! enlighten me plz!!! :happy_wft: :happy_wft:
  22. october_beauty

    ********Metro Fan club*********

    oh dear lord... ive done it b4 as a joke looooooong story :silly_wft: :silly_wft: :silly_wft: damn i love this smiley...
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    Lord of the Rings Character In Bia2.com/Forum

    i take it the "hobbits" r the mini mamas
  24. october_beauty

    wtf is up with the rapist stalker theme?

    omg its JOOOOOOOOOOOKES..... good 1 aryan
  25. october_beauty

    ********Metro Fan club*********

    wot the iroonis say that?!