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  1. Gian

    Paintball in Iran

    I am a paintball addict. I play way to much paintball for my health. I've been playing for eight years, brought paintball to my university, am part of a leadership team at a local church in order to organize and promote paintball events, and I've been known to pack my paintball marker, a purely mechanical Tippmann 98 Custom in my luggage - minus any paint and CO2 canisters for safety reasons - so I can play when I travel. I've started that last bit, so I've only been able to play in Venezuela, but oh man... that was sooo much fun! I'm dying over here to try to visit Iran. To visit my family and relearn Farsi and explore my heritage. I've heard the stories from my family; that it's bad over there and the such.. but I've also been to a lot of countries over the years and I practice proper common sense whenever I do travel so I wont really stand out as much. And my aunt will probably be going to Tehran next spring for my cousin's wedding.. and I'm very interested in going with her. I'm probably going to bring my paintball gun, and I've done my research and know there's a couple fields in Tehran. Just how popular is paintball over there? I've done some searching and there was a paintball arena that opened up called Matrix.. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it? Here's some news coverage on its opening: http://www.paintball.com/content.php?aid=1201 and http://www.chnpress.com/news/?id=3689&section=2 Does anyone know anything about this? And more generally, is anyone familiar with anyone playing paintball in general in Iran?
  2. Gian

    What are you doing this weekend?

    Studied up for an exam, played some paintball, and attended a Persian party.
  3. Gian

    what are you listening to

    Darkam Kon -- Yas Pity I don't understand Farsi. Thank God for the translation.
  4. Gian

    Hi to all new members!

    Hey everyone this is Gian. Been living in Savannah, GA for most my life. Haven't really been to Atlanta much though I hear there's a comparatively huge Persian population there than here. I don't remember much Farsi anymore though I want to learn and go to Tehran with my aunt for a cousin's wedding next Spring. Found Bia2 last year when I did visit ATL and a Persian wrote down the link for some of the music I was asking for. Still in college, studying chemistry (pre-medicine..ish) and Spanish. Just wanted to drop in say hey and introduce myself. If anyone's ever in the Savannah area give me a yell.