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  1. Hi. I have been there in Tehran for two times and the last time I stayed there was too long i.e. 8 months. I have been working there in a Company, as well as in the Consulate (Embassy / Foreign Mission there) as a volunteer. As I had good access with the Top Iranain Government Officials, as well as My own country people, and then my colleagues, and the company I was working in. I had great time there. I believe, I traveled from one corner of Tehran to another, that contains, Ferdowsi, Azadi, Enqalab, Zafraniyay, Nasir Khosro, Molvi, Shaheen Shomali, Park Millat, Vanak, Vali e Asar, Valinjak, Maidan Imam Khomeni, and been there to quite so many other places as well, like Park Millat, Dur Bund, Dara K, etc. As I will be re-traveling to Tehran, by the end of next month for couple of days, for a meeting there, I would be glad to know what other places, I would visit this time in order to enjoy the each and every bit of my trip there this time (this year again).. I would also be interested to meet all you fellows there, in order to have to have food, chit chat, smiles, and knowledge and music share there in Tehran. Anyway interested, Do post the reply to this thread as soon as possible. Thanks
  2. Luqman

    Learning Farsi??

    No! I am not a Brummie! :giggle: Don't be surprise my friend! Having English as international language, has given majority of people (In the UK) this idea that they don't really need to know any other languages! About 2 or three years ago... They use to teach Farsi in Bourneville College! You can check their web site. Good Luck! Its easy to get in touch with Persian people in London, and Nottingham. However, If you are seriously looking a solution to your persian language problems, I will ask you to contact the nearest Iranian Consulate (Embassy / Foreign Mission), From there, You may find the appropriate and useful contacts and informations. Hope this helps.!
  3. Luqman

    Happy Birthday Jadoogar!!!

    Congratulations Azeezam.... Happy Birthday Jadoogar... I apologize for not saying this in Persian, But I am really bad at that. Anyway. Accept the true heartly appreciations on this important day!
  4. Luqman


    Oh really...You should have asked them to set a stop and be your guest.....!!
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  6. Luqman

    What are you doing this weekend?

    Hi there... Please indicate what are you doing this weekend? " This weekend, I am traveling to Sri Lanka, from there to Malaysia, Turkey and going to set a stop in Tehran Iran.. What you guys are doing...this weekend?
  7. Luqman

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    Careful! You could be mistaken with the authentic Kitty Cat then! ---- Well...As long as the moods and expressions are concerned, The emoticons maybe one of the ways to express your happiness, sorrows or grief online.
  8. Luqman

    Google in Farsi!!

    Thank you, but I am very well aware of this. The relation is actually Farsi:Persian, Espanol:Spanish. Also, the Google site that I gave you is in the Iranian/Persian language, which means it's in Farsi (or Parsi, if you wish). I personall believe, it's ok for me to say Farsi because I'm Iranian/Persian and and most of us here are the same; and I/we mix English and Farsi/Persian in here all the time. If you constantly would like to be politically correct about it, go ahead. I can respect that. My point is that I'm aware of the "political correct" aspect of the terms used, but we're in a forum of friends, not a political forum. I read your thread on that btw, and yes, there are a lot of Iranians that are ignorant in this aspect, but then there are a lot who are not.. I'm going to respond to it later. ciao - T PS: Don't take this as an attack on your statement, but as constructive criticism. lol. Nice one. Anyway, I think, Google is in Persian (Farsi) now. Anyway. Is google available to use in Iran now? Regards: Website Promotions SEO Company Pakistan http://www.luqman-technologies.com/
  9. Every one wants to have to have a partner.....the loyal partner I guess.? Do we still have loyal both men and women on our earth planet...? Perhaps not...The current age trends, the being changed culture, the petrol prices, and all has polluted both the world and life a lot I feel. We are far more polluted, materialistic, and past one decade has totally changed us in all aspects of life (all walks of life). Getting a real soul mate was never this hard before I guess. The virgin soul mate? ehh.. I will marry....! Someday. I will be the most loving husband to my wife, and a great loving dad to my kids. and why not? I do not get impressed by those are looking for pick up joint or one night stand and they think they are way too advance, studied and traveled? Come on....! Life happens to be for once....Lets enjoy the each bit of it by being nice, sincere, loving, loyal, kind and genrous. Regards, Luqman http://www.luqman-technologies.com/
  10. Nice Going.....:-) How often the men want it or the women want it? First please clarify things.... As long as the men are concerned, being a men I wanna say....They want it all hours...From morning to afternoon, and from the middle of the day to evening, then to night, and then to morning again.......and It goes on....! It all depends on women for how long they want their women to be ON and How often ehh... Lets discuess some thing other than sex related things....! Regards, Luqman http://www.luqman-technologies.com/
  11. Luqman


    Dear all: I thank you guys loads for writing and particepating in this forum. :harhar_wft[1]: I also want all you guys write about you a little more for me to understand about you guys a little as well. Lets rock the party ...! Also include what guys going to make a dizzy (aab e gosht) as I will be traveling down to Tehran by the end of this month and will be there for a month or so. Write soon Yours Luqman http://www.luqman-technologies.com/
  12. Luqman


    Ok, you're banned for 2 minutes! :harhar_wft[1]: My statement wasn't directed to anybody in particular on this forum, it was just a general observation. Just let them do what makes them happy, if that's satisfying their needs, then let them be all satisfied & happy. By criticizing you'll only make their life harder! My precious 2 cents... :p Ok you're unbanned now! :giggle: Hi.... I will agree to most of the individuals asked you to wait for couple more years since you are not yet done with the growing process and you are growning old each and every day. Wait for an year or two and let see if your nose gets well. if this is not the case, Tehran Iran is the best place to get the nose jobs done. I myself have seen small babies and kids with the done nose jobs and they were really more than happy with the current nose shapes. As long as the doctors and hospitals in Tehran Iran are concerned, I want to state, they have the good both doctors and hospitals there and a visit to any hospitals in tehran will let you say the same. The nose job process is not painful. As long as the doctor is skilled, and well studied :p All the best and let me know your findings in Tehran Regards, Luqman http://www.luqman-technologies.com/
  13. Luqman

    Iranian Dance Is The Best

    Hi there.... Being a foreigner in Iran has let me see things there from a new prospective. I confidently believe. Iranians are the best and good super humans on the earth planet. They care, They listen, They spare, They share, They walk and YES They dance well too . Thank you for the <Dance> topic and I am sorry I could not post an appropriate reply in the persian language. Man farsi khob na garifti Regards, Luqman http://www.luqman-technologies.com/
  14. Luqman

    Iranian Dance Is The Best

    Hi there.... Being a foreigner in Iran has let me see things there from a new prospective. I confidently believe. Iranians are the best and good super humans on the earth planet. They care, They listen, They spare, They share, They walk and YES They dance well too . Thank you for the <Dance> topic and I am sorry I could not post an appropriate reply in the persian language. Man farsi khob na garifti
  15. Luqman


    Salam All / Hi there Hal Shoma Khob Asti / How are you guys? This is Luqman. Basically from the Pakistan. I have-had been working in Tehran Iran and lived a long time there. To know more about me, please study below or study my website at http://www.luqman-technologies.com/ I'm an optimistic and easy going person...... I have a “Live and let live” philosophy. ---I am normally friendly and sociable but can be quiet at times and people assume that I have nothing to say.... but I'm really just absorbing my surroundings...... I guess it depends on the people I meet and the day.... Sometimes I also need quiet time for myself and enjoy my solitude. ---I love trying and learning new things. I'm rather sensible and practical, but can be very spontaneous and adventurous, too. ---I would like to think I am good, reliable person. I may not be very quick at making friends but when I devote to something or someone, it’s for life. I love to connect through good conversation and music. I am open to see anyone’s opinion, I might not agree but I will always listen ---I enjoy meeting good people with sense of humour, optimism and who are generally happy. I get along well with people who have an easygoing nature, are open and friendly, and have a zest for life. ---I am inspired by those who take risks to get, and do what they want in life, those who turn dreams into reality, instead of complaining or waiting for things to happen. People who are keen on finding solutions, not creating problems. People who dare to be different, but not weird or wacky. People who have a deep respect for life and everything that the world has to offer. ---I like talking to people from all walks of life, different backgrounds or cultures. People with different opinions who are happy to discuss them without becoming angry and defensive. Everyone has something to offer. ---I love to laugh; make me laugh and you'll have a friend for life. I like those who have an interesting story to tell but don’t overwhelm others with their personality. I love being able to have light conversation, but also talk about philosophical, social or spiritual things as well! ---I like people who have a thirst for knowledge and who are willing to teach me new things and help me see things from a new perspective, and let me do the same from them. Basically, if you are reliable, adaptable and practical, but ready at all times for the most spontaneous adventures, we'll get along... http://www.luqman-technologies.com/