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  1. When you are thinking about buying an album, how much do the reviews matter? For me, they are sway me when I'm on the fence about a certain album. For example, Charlotte Sometimes' new album "Waves and the Both of Us"....I had heard the music on charlottesometimes.imeem.com but wasn't sure about it. All the reviews I've read have been very positive, so I wound up picking the album up... What about you? Liz -umgd
  2. lizdarocker

    Bamboozle Music Festival

    I went to this amazing concert last weekend called Bamboozle Music Festival. There were a lot of very talented artists there. I really like this one girl named Charlotte Sometimes she was a great performer. Check her out and tell me what you think. http://charlottesometimes.imeem.com/ -Liz UMGD
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    What is your Favorite T V show Mine is definitely has to be Family Guy i love that show. It is so funny -Liz UMGD
  4. lizdarocker

    How Often U WANT IT???!!!

    Is it bad that i want it several times a day? -Liz
  5. lizdarocker

    Girls Wanna Study

    thats funny just a girls typical A D D lol -Liz UMGD