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    Sahand's beautiful Iran song from 'Asre Ma- Our Era' album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-AMmC6HI1g Hope everyone enjoys! Minerva
  2. Minerva


    Siavash's lovely new album: Ragbar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7lZfQQRM8g...feature=related Hope everyone enjoys!! Minerva
  3. I really like Kamran and Hooman music. They are both talented. They are young and ambitious. Unfortunately, persian-music market is not as it should be and all of us are somehow misplaced all over the world anyway. The scene of the world for us has changed in a way that it is not easy to achieve to the level that you wish as a person let alone as a persian star. Although it is not the best answer that we heard from them but everyone makes mistake. If there is anything to blame, it should not be Kamran and Hooman's reply which could well be a simple reply on where they have grown up. This is much deeper. I think everyone should let this go. It is not just the name we carry. I believe we need to learn how to build a proud country so we could then be proud of being from there. Being proud of being persian will come for everyone through life experience. We should stop judging and blaming each other and let every person learn this for themselves. I wish we could save our energy to build a country where pop persian music is much appreciated within our people so we have more talent to present as persian stars to the world. I wish both Kamran and Hooman every success in their future music.
  4. Minerva

    Old pictures from Iran

    This was great, Davooood. Thanks for the link. Minerva
  5. Minerva


    Hi Pourya You know that I am a fan of your reviews. I was wondering if you have Sahand's album on your review list as well. I found his tracks in the following links: edited out www.musicbysahand.com Minerva
  6. Minerva

    Happy Birthday Jadoogar!!!

    Happy birthday, Jadoogar. Wish you all the best. Enjoy. Minerva
  7. Minerva

    Sahand's New Album

    Yes, Adil. He is a new singer. I first saw his introductory interview on ITN channel. I read more about him on his website. Aparently, he is a composer and singer and he lives in UK. As I mentioned before, I really liked his song about IRAN. It brought back so many good memories about Iran. I did not see any of his videos on TV for a while untill a few days ago. I was so pleased to hear about his album again on PEN channell and would be looking forward to get hold of it. Minerva
  8. Minerva

    Sahand's New Album

    Thanks Keano. I couldn't find my previuos post to add on. I think it should have been archived. Minerva
  9. Minerva

    Sahand's New Album

    Hi all, I am watching PEN channel and found out that finally Sahand's new album is released from Pars Video company. I really like this new singer's voice and songs, especially his beautiful song about IRAN. Enjoy everyone!! :dance_baby_wft: Minerva
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    Wedding Dresses

    Good choice Lolita. It looks so beautiful. I like the design.
  11. Minerva

    Wedding Dresses

    yeah ... false fashion in Iran... nothing is real. hahaha . im having m dress made so it will be in my fashion! now i like it because in iran nothing is real and original, neither iranian ppl which are living there . I can see Siamak's point and I agree with him considering some of the living standards in Iran. However I think we should not make a partial comment about all of the people living there or their living standards. I think the characteristics that Siamak named can be in any part of the world but I know that unfortunately, we might have more of it in Iran. Looking at the comments on this topic, it is good that many people comment on the importance of being real and being original. I hope this can be a good start for us as Iranian outside of Iran to influence a change of "HABIT", "DIALY LIFE STYLES" and what ever you name it inside Iran. I like the name of one of the members as it says "FREE IRAN". Let's built a free, better and proud Iran. Or at least we can present a good role model outside if we consider ourselves Iranian. Siamak, It is always good to read your posts. I especially enjoy your scientifical news. Thanks for the good and updated info. (Oops this comment should have been in science blog Sorry. Minerva mersi (if it was me you were referring to ;) ) and you are absolutely right, like siamak i am glad that you are posting with us =) Thanks Free Iran. Yes I refered to your nice name. Nice being here with all of you guys. Minerva
  12. Minerva

    Wedding Dresses

    Thank you for your kind commnet Nice talking to you all. Minerva
  13. Minerva


    HAHAHAH This is so funny. Thanks Jadoo
  14. Minerva

    Words Association Game

  15. HAHAHA I have heard official works can also be slow in Iran in some institutions and I am wondering what can be the reason behind it there!! It could be good if anyone could research on