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    A question about SMS in Iran

    Thanks for your answers. Actually Im not supposed to talk about it. But its kinda of import/export business. All the law/policy stuff are ok. The only problem is a simple payment method for people which I cant find. I have contacted several banks in Iran. Ill be honest, I have never had talked to such a bad/aggressive customer service(Melli, Mellat, Tejarat bank). REALLY BAD! Since my Farsi is not very advanced so I told them to talk slower. When I didnt understand something and asked again he just hung up or got very mad. What is your profession? Do you live in Iran? if yes where. We could do some business together perhaps.
  2. alexandergre

    A question about SMS in Iran

    What Im trying to do is about opening a company in Iran. We will provide a service for both other businesses and private customers. The way they are going to pay for our services must be via SMS or another simple payment method. What other simple method are available in Iran? In Europe there is Paypal or AutoGiro but I guess neither of them are available in Iran. Can somebody please help me with this? I would really appreciate it. The paying process is as described here: You text ABC22 and you send it to 123456. Then 2$ will be charged from your SIM card or subscription.
  3. alexandergre

    A question about SMS in Iran

    Hi, In many countries in Europe and USA there is a sms service which allows you to pay via your cellphone. for example: buying bus ticket via SMS in Sweden. Paying for a pizza in restaurant. Is there such a service in Iran? thanks