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  1. Ninty

    Hi to all new members!

    hey I'm ex Fatteh, just changed my username
  2. Ninty


    But would it be necessary to adopt christmas for instance? From what I know, the majority in iran don't celebrate it, even before the Islamic revolution. Is it necessary to include christmas in your life if you move to a western country? What about movies, music, etc.? A lot of people having forgotten about those categories and adjusted to the movies and music that the country they moved to has to offer. If I married a girl who wasn't Iranian, what would then happen? Would my kids learn anything about the Iranian culture? The language? Would they even be interested? Would I start losing interest in my Persian heritage because my new family has no connections to that? I guess you need to take that into consideration when talking about integration. :o @freeiran: امیدوار آن دولت دیوانه در ایران تمام میشه بعدش یک ایران آزاد میگیریم
  3. Ninty


    You see one needs to bear in mind is that in order to succeed in any new society is to integrate into the new environment absorbing a reasonable amount of its culture and living standards, otherwise you will find every step of the way of your daily life a total disappointment and failure, mainly cuz you'll still think the same way you did back in your country, your expectations of life and people surrounding you will become the biggest flop of your entire life... In other words you better accommodate much of the respective culture for which you have chosen to reside, while maintaining your Iranian roots and culture to a logical extent and nothing beyond and above it! I believe there is a fine line between integration and total integration. A total integration would mean you give up everything from your former country. I have seen examples of Iranians giving up on traditions such as Nouwruz, and sometimes even their own family. If I ask Iranians if they know of jashn-e tirgan, they will answer no. If I write کیر تو کونت to them, they wont even know that I insulted them. But then again, if they don't live in Iran, what's the point in knowing all of this? What's the point in even be an Iranian if you don't live in Iran? You might as well pretend you are the nationality of the country you currently live in. It's true what you say though, that you need to integrate yourself into the culture you have settled in. But isn't it enough to just learn the language of the country? Why start learning about the culture, etc.? Is it really necessary to start adopting a whole new culture. Is it to be able to relate to other people? I don't think that's necessary. @~freeiran~, yeah hopefully. What do you mean by free Iran in your name by the way? If you are talking about the Islamic government, then I support that 100%! :p
  4. Ninty


    It makes me sad though, cause it's important to remember your roots. When things get better in Iran, I hope that a lot of Iranians that moved out because of the revolution will move back to Iran and help build it up to the great country it once was. At least that's what I'm gonna do. So untill then I will do whatever I can to learn as much as possible.
  5. Ninty


    One of my friends told me that us Iranians are loosing our roots especially those outside of Iran. The language becomes weaker due to living in a different culture, a lot of the traditions are pushed aside in favor of other traditions in the country they currently live in. The Iranian people outside of Iran will have forgotten all about their roots in a few generations to come. I'm not sure whether I agree or disagree. I kinda see what his point is though. What do you think?
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    salaam hame

  7. Ninty

    Woman flashing in Tehran NSFW

    .....پستان بزرگ ey baba nice boobs
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    salaam hame

    سلام همه اسم من فتاح است و من یک بچه خوب هستم salaam hame, I am a good boy =) and new here