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    hey, i forgot i was a member here until very recently
  2. bisdikiani

    Fate v Choice

    i agree with everyone who believes that a greater schematic fate preceeds us, although i also feel that all of the choices we make are a part of the bigger picture as well. it is only human to want to be in control of our own destinies, just it is human to have faith and believe in a greater cause. to me, fate and choice ultimately go hand in hand. its the best of both worlds.
  3. bisdikiani

    Spring/Summer 2005

    spring '05 is going to be all about bottega veneta for me.
  4. bisdikiani

    How Persian are u?

    im not sure that iranians want to be black, i think its bc a lot listen to hip hop and rap. i was in holland a few weeks ago and almost all the algerian and morrocan guys wore baggy clothes and listened to stuff like snoop dogg, im not saying they were trying to be black, but they had that urban culture thing going on. all the persian dudes i know are the complete opposite, they all dress sharp in cavalli and Shoot and listen to euro-psytrance and drive a bmw 3 series (aka persian mobiles) lols.
  5. bisdikiani

    I love...

    and i really love salma hayek. (she is my dream woman.) ;)
  6. bisdikiani


    i hate blondes. especially fake ones. most especially if they are persian. i love dark hair the best. its so sexy and sultry.
  7. bisdikiani

    I love...

    i love london, too! i love topshop and topman bc we dont have it in the states.
  8. bisdikiani

    movie review

    oh yeah, dont get me wrong, its a kind of boring and hokey in parts, but overall its good entertainment. i sorta grew up on mary renault's serialized books about alexander the great so i have a deep affinity with the subject of his life and his conquest of the near east. plus, compared to troy and gladiator, its a lot better. best battle scenes ive ever seen. and to answer your question... i like both. equally. "swinging" sounds like something dirty old people do to get off. =/
  9. bisdikiani

    movie review

    lololol thats funny, well they (the greeks) were obviously much more open to bisexual relationships, mostly amongst men, and rarely between women. i mean you are talking about a culture who encouraged older men to take young boys as lovers, and who promoted bestiality and who ate babies. so yeah, those greeks were kinda crazy. but the romans were all about sleeping with their mothers and wild week-long orgies. so they were both pretty effed up.
  10. bisdikiani


    yeah he is kinda hot. not as hot as tarkan, but who is really?
  11. bisdikiani


    sorry im done quoting now. but to answer the original question, i have mostly dated middle eastern persons of varying degrees. my first serious one was israeli. actually most have been israeli. but ive also been with lebanese, greek, turkish (or armenian, i forgot), and this one insanely wealthy emirati girl. i havent really dated persians because they are pretty difficult to deal with. i mean, here you have to also date their parents, too... and that Shoot is just not cool with me. i went out with a half german half iranian once but it was only a summer thing and she had to go back to canada. Funk, why are all the cool girls in canada? pft. but then again, i like latin girls the most. i havent dated any but ive been with a few. im either going to marry israeli or spanish. i used to reaaally like a saudi girl but she was mad scary after a while. but yeah, im not really into white girls, or asians for that matter. *YAWN* i dooo love my persians boys tho. hee hee.
  12. bisdikiani

    where are you from?live?

    hah. its probably the beard but i dont always have one. ;)
  13. bisdikiani

    How good do you feel about yourself?

    havent you lost your concentration yet? naw, i take concentration pills. im just really hungry. =/
  14. bisdikiani

    movie review

    i loved alexander, i saw it 3 times over the holiday weekend. i liked the homo/heteroeroticism of his relationhip with hephaestion and roxane. if any other actor had done that role they woud have thought he was a fag, but since it was colin farrell it looks sort of convincing and good. ha.
  15. bisdikiani

    All Fashion related issues!

    just an observation: all my non-persian friends are amazed at how almost every persian guy in L.A. wears diesel jeans. but i dont think its just an L.A. thing though, because when i was in holland and germany you could tell if a boy was persian by what barnd of jeans he was in. it was really funny actually. girls, too, i really think we are keeping diesel in business.
  16. bisdikiani

    All Fashion related issues!

    no way. i wear lv shoes a lot and they never show any sign of wear. they have a magical way of always appearing brand new. as for their bags, i have a monogram glace bobby bag and its very masculine.
  17. bisdikiani

    where are you from?live?

    im 18 from west los angeles
  18. bisdikiani

    How good do you feel about yourself?

    5/10 ive been at school since 7am, it is now almost 6 in the evening and i have not had anything to eat yet, and i am nowhere near done with my lab work. ive got at least 3 hours to go still. psh. luckily ive been going through the forum in between breaks. :angry: & :o
  19. bisdikiani

    I Can't Wait...

    you're joking right? noo waay man. i love harry potter.
  20. bisdikiani

    How Persian are u?

    haha i got a 53%. my favorite part was when it asked if i wanted to be black. rofl.
  21. bisdikiani

    I love...

    i love aquafresh extreme clean toothpaste!
  22. bisdikiani

    I Can't Wait...

    i cant wait for summer because i am just not a winter surfer. brrr. and i cant wait for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to come out either.
  23. bisdikiani


    i crave taco bell. and a green tea martini from the standard hotel. but mostly i crave taco bell.
  24. bisdikiani

    some thing sweet.

    aw. thats kinda too mushy for me. but i do like it in dumbo when his mother rocks him to sleep from behind bars. that was sad.
  25. bisdikiani

    Answer and ask the next person

    NO WAY! once when i was little i spent christmas in rome and they had a black santa so it ruined my whole illusion of him. anyway im jewish so i wasnt supposed to believe in him. but i still want a new chanel j12 watch for xmas tho. that or a cartier. new q: were you good enough this year to merit a nice gift from the man in the north pole?