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    Learning Farsi??

    LOL your a northener?! I don't really know about the maximum modules you can take, as im sure our course is completely structured leaving no room for anything else. Few of my peers have asked to do additional science unit for research purposes aswell as self-study but were denied as it was thought it could harm their studies - so likelyhood of being allowed to study farsi as a module is fairly impossible.
  2. Iran's Jews Condemn Israel Anniversary TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Jewish community has condemned the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Israeli regime and Tel Aviv's brutalities. "We are Iranians. We have no relations with Israel and we are in complete disagreement with the celebration of the Zionist regime's 60th anniversary," Reuters quoted Iranian Jewish parliamentarian Siamak Mare-Sedq as saying on Wednesday. Mare-Sedq, who is also the chairman of Tehran's Jewish Assembly, said Israel's atrocious tactics in Gaza is a testimony to Israel's inhuman acts. He stressed that Jews enjoy comfortable living conditions in Iran and are free to practice their religion and exercise their rights. "There are no specific problems for Jews in this country," he concluded. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=8702190357
  3. God bless you sister - atleast someone has a heart for the poor palestinians that are constantly targetted by Isreali's on a daily basis. Brother siamak your hatred for Islam and immoral personality in general is evident by the very few post i've seen of yours across the forums. Not only do you defame women by showing them fully naked as pieces of flesh, you also introduce young innocent eyes of kids who come to interact with their iranian bro/sis across the world to these explicit images. If you have hatred for a religion which few people of this forum belong to, it would be considerate of you to not post your feeling which would offend other members (i.e the cartoon portraying islam as a death cult). Are you really an Iranian?! These are the same people who helped beef up Saddam military arsenal as well as allowing him to acquire chemical aswell as biological weapons and unleash them on your fellow Iranians which resulted in 1/2 a million deaths causing many new born kids never to set eyes on their father. Leaving many widows and mothers constantly yearning and hoping that one day some how miraculously their son or husband will turn up at the front doors ready to embrace them. Since i'm not a frequent poster aswell as not being iranian i will not say much. I was blessed enough on my return from ziyaraat to be siting next to an Iranian brother on a plane who survived the Iran - Iraq war who not only had a massive scar running front his peck all the way to his lower abdominal region but his skin was severely inflammed and spoke of those he lost in an emotional tone, only God knows what he would say to you if he saw this post! You are supporting an entity that constantly via the Isreali lobby beat the war drums for a US attack on your place of origin and put your brothers/sister lives in jeopardy. Isreal also has one of the worst human rights record in the world, which just before the ceasefire deadline in Lebanon 2006 dropped hundreds of thousand of cluster bombs on once populated villages to which many kids on their return to their home viewed them as toys only to be blown up in what was a bomb. Even the UN and French agency which are both pro-Isreal verbally condenmed Isreal's action, here is an account of an Isreali soldier of the events, "What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs." http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/761781.html - The source which is an Isreali news outlet. Brother Siamak may god have mercy on you and open your eyes to the truth.
  4. Shamus

    Learning Farsi??

    Newcastle uni but my course will not allow an optional module as its fully packed will lectures from 9-5.
  5. Shamus

    Learning Farsi??

    The first bit was so true, as for learning english i think you misinterpreted what i wrote. I have no intention to learn english as i hope i'm at a suitable level already. :harhar_wft[1]: Anyways brother nice to see another Iranian in Birmingham. Yeah there are a few colleges that teach farsi as an a-level or gcse but this is for the duration of a school year, i have university during that time so there is practically no chance of being able to join. I wish i could thou as it would save me alot of hassle aswell as money.
  6. listen my brother, i have nothing against pakistani people, i got many pakistani friends here in london i watched the news and i have seen soo many troubles going on in pakistan, such as terrorist attacks and many other crimes made in pakistan thats why i considered pakitsan not as one of my favourite nations to live there, because of soo many troubles happening its not because of the people the people of pakistan are quite good people and very friendly but unfortunately the country got many troubles Brother im sure you don't, inshallah i'll reply to you at a later date via pm as exam are very close by and i don't want to hijack the thread. If my comments were percieved to be offensive by anyone, i sincerely apologise as my intentions was to inform rather than offend.
  7. im wondering what iranians are doin in pakistan??? :blink: pakistan is not one of ma favurit choice to live dere r u sure they didnt count Afghans LOL yh...dat might be unforchunaly many iranians marry pakistanis and iraqis but there idiots cuz there just marrying people who dont care about there culture or history persians shouldn't mix their blood with inferior races. persian blood must remain pure. I wasn't going to respond to this but the ignorance of a few Iranians bros on this site is baffling . How can you think Afghans and Pakistani are the same, can you really blame the Americans now for getting mixed up by saying Iranians are arabs. Its also amazing considering the fact that Afghans are Iranic people and afghanistan and iran was once the same country. Brother dyako - kurd out of all the countries you've listed how can you compare a fairly poor nation like Pakistan to wealthy European nation, oil rich arab countries and oil rich Iran, its totally unfair. Once again brother i respect the fact you choose its not you favourite choice but i am intrigued as to why you say you wouldnt live there? I'll presume for now its because you see Pakistan as an extremist state and dirty with very limited infrastructure. I've been to many places in the world and although you probably say im being biased, i believe Islamabad and kashmir are probably the most beauitful places i've been to along with Barcelona. Just to clarify that i've seen some of the world, i have been to America around central european countries including some eastern european countries aswell as saudi, dubai and syria. To you Pakistan may not be appealing, just like Iran is not appealing to the westerner but me and you both know Iran is extremely beautiful with many historical sites to see aswell as breathtaking scenary. As for kashmir where im from its labelled as 'heaven on earth' or by westerners as the 'switzerland of the east'. Although i dont really care how westerners percieve my place of origin just to inform you many highly illustrious people have come to see Kashmir in all its beauty, George harrison from the beatles whom im sure you know loved Kashmir and spoke numerous times about its beauty, he even rented a boat their while playing the sitar(guitar) in the early morning. Buddha described kashmir as his best place to meditate, while Led Zeppelin wrote his world reknowned song 'kashmir' in which he talks of kashmir on his visit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTaOvzZKRxA http://www.flickr.com/groups/allaboutkashmir/pool/ - heres some pic of kashmir if i had time i would try and get better ones, sorry. Even though due to tightened restricitions due to safety hundereds of thouasnd if not millions of western tourist flock to see the beauty of the land. If peace comes to kashmir and if im there brotherdyako-kurd while your in iran at the same time it will be an honour to take you to see different beauty spots of this great valley to help change your perception, i will also be willing to pay for all expenses. Even some iranians lived in this land the most notable in my mind are Ayatullah Khomeini(r.a) ancestors who moved to Kashmir from Iran to preach shia'ism. Bro iranian rebel please stop lying to other iranian bro/sis across the world as they will take into consideration your comment here as you make it look like as if we are marrying all Iranian women this inevitably will cause hatred among Iranian brothers towards Pakistani's as it look like we are taking their women when we are not. As a kashmiri shia who lives in one of the biggest pakistani communities and having relatives in other large majority community i.e Manchester, luton, leed aswell as Bradford not mentioning the amount of times i have attended different religious majalises i can safely say that i have never come across an Iranian-Pakistani marriage. Im intrigued into were you got many from? As for London i highly doubt your claim there may be a few but many pakistani marry with their own race as do Iranians and no Pakistani sunni will touch an Iranian women due to her being shia, zoroastrian etc heck even pakistani girls that i have got to know were really pleasant to me but as soon as they found out im shia their attitude changed considerably. I can only speak from experience and many pakistani shia mothers do not have favourable view of Iranian women in the west as they percieve them as shah iranians i.e totally westernized. I am not saying that all iranian women are like this but this is their stereotype just like pakistani are percieved to be terrorists. Iranian - pakistani marriage does occur but the number are very minimal especially in Uk. As for pakistani not caring about iranian culture thats a big lie, pakistani's who hate shia's still love Iran, yes i know its hard to fathom why. As for the pakistani shia they love Iran more then there own country, im probably the only exception but if you don't believe me i'll give you a small example http://www.youtube.com/user/Kumail12 - I know its not a great example but its just to prove a point that we do care about Iranian culture and history. I believe iranianrebel is being extremely naive when posting his views as he is posting what he percieves to be correct rather than the reality. As for persian blood being kept pure i find it admirable that Iranians choose to marry their own its a very noble act but aren't Iranian extremely mixed with Greek, Turk and Arab descent,excuse my ignorance if im wrong. Brother aryanam i woud like to inform you its was an inferior race(pakistani) that helped in the most important energy development if not political history of Iran so far in the 21st century which is Nuclear Technology. :harhar_wft[1]: Sorry for the long post. I hope i have not offended anyone as it was not my aim. Iranian brothers you should be the most open minded in the world considering the vast amount BS ignorant people talk about Iran. Salaam
  8. Shamus

    Learning Farsi??

    Tell me about it, when you go abroad and speak to local citizens of the country they always complain about how the english tourist expect you to have a solid grasp of the english language. For someone who doesn't live in Birmingham its surprising that you know a fair amount of farsi courses offered i.e Brasshouse and Bournville college. I checked their website but to no avail, but that college is apparently very poor when it comes to teaching. Im 20/M, nice to see another Brummie here we are surely blessed to be born and be part of this great city :clap2: LOL how can you not have a brummie accent, your blatantly in denial its embedded in you at a young age. :harhar_wft[1]: Anyways having a brummie accent is unique aswell as cool and act as a trademark to prove that you are a true brummie.
  9. Shamus

    Learning Farsi??

    Salaam, i checked with them before i asked the local mosques as they offer the most reputable language classes but for some strange reason they do not teach farsi or dari which is surprising considering the large amount of Afghans present in Birmingham. Btw are you a brummie? If so :dance_baby_wft: I wish that option was on the card as it would be great, but my parents won't be too keen on me going there too many times. I'm planning on going there in around two years time, i've been told by many people its great so hopefully i'll enjoy myself. Anways thanks to both of you for your help will most definetly look into going to London.
  10. Shamus

    Learning Farsi??

    I have spoken to two of the shia mosques which i should add are not Iranian. To be honest i don't think the Iranians we have in Birmingham are religious type compared to London otherwise they would have a mosque like Iraqi's, Pakistani's etc. Many hazara shias come to our mosque and am sure if there was an Iranian community they wouldn't be at our mosque, as im pretty sure they can speak and understand farsi otherwise known as dari by them. I would ask them to teach me but their command of english is not great. lol to the second part, two of my close friend are Iranian from tabriz and tehran, i always ask them to teach me but they never will utter a word infront of me because they know i want to learn it for religious purposes rather than learning farsi for the beauty of it. Looks like i may be resigned into going to London in the summer to learn Farsi. Anyway thanks sister for your response, Salaam.
  11. Salaam i am based in Birmingham, England. Would like to know if any Iranian bro/sis know any reputable centres that teach farsi in the evening in Birmingham? Thanks.
  12. Shamus


    As a pro-shah iranian, i assume you live in the west. Don't they teach you to respect all faith or is it a general consensus of the pro-shah ones to bash shia practises and then claim you are shias yourselves(i'm not claiming you yourself are a shias). Please have some respect for other people's faith.