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  1. :blink: Happy start of Ramadan to all u lot.......... I used to fast but I stopped about two years ago, I just felt that I wasn't getting anything out of it, spiritualy. And that goes for islam as a whole. No one in my family is relligious at all, my dad (who's Iranian) never talks about his beleifs and the same can be said about my mum (whos english) so I was never brought up in any religion. At one stage I was realy into Islam, studying it at school and when I visited Iran I made sure I went to the most religous areas. I read many books and had a lot of faith, but I guess that was just a phase in my life. It's difficult now though because if someone askes me what religion Islam I never know what to say, I'm scared to say Muslim because thats a big commitment and I dont want to say that I dont beleive in anyhting because that's not true. Its the first time I have talked about this really so, thanks for reading!!!!!
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    Words Association Game

    Pepper!!!!!! :p
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    Great Books to Read

    Everyone has read something in there life, some good stuff and some bad. Why don't you share your reading experience here by listing your most fav books. Heres my reccomendations (so far :p ) not in any order: 1. Gates Of Fire - Steven Pressield 2. Knowledge of Angels - Jill Paton Walsh 3. The "Alexander" Triology - Valerio Massimo Manfredi 4. Last of the Amazons - Steven Pressield 5. Tides of war - Steven Pressield 6. The Conference of the Birds - Farid Ud-Din Attar (one for all you Persian scholars LOL) Thats it so far, I'll post more if i think of anything else.
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    Hello! my first post wahooooooooo

    blimey! Such nice people! hahahahahah and clever to................. thanks 2 everyone for the welcomes.
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    That pst was by me by the way
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    Hello! my first post wahooooooooo

    Thanks for the welcome, My name is Bobby, i'm 20, My family live in Essex but im at uni in London studying Multimedia Technology so i'm living in the uni halls @ the moment i'm soaking wet after being caught in the rain...lol
  7. Hello everyone, just stumbled across this site by accident but seems interesting! Im half Iranian half English living here in England. Im @ uni at the moment doing nothing...lol So, yeah, hello! ;)