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    Comments on new iranian releases

    Azizam, mah doktaryayeh Iroonie maroof hasteem doreh donya barayeh class vah barayeh zeeba boodanehmoon. Mah heechvact nagofteen keh Bita joon zeshteh yah azash hasood hastim. Mah doktarhayeh Iranie alan niyaz dareem beh doktarhayeh javoon keh khosh seda hastan vah kosh andam, man digeh khasteh shodam az khanadehayeh ghadeemie. Vali, doktarhayeh mesleh Bita (vah albateh Sepideh hamintor) abroo vah classeh doktarhayeh Iraniehara meebaran, vah dorost matra nemekonan. Khanandeh boodan een neest keh lebas adam kam bepoosheh keh mardoom began keh chaghadre andameshoon koobeh, pas mah ghabool meekoneem keh khanadehhastan. Bita vah albateh Sepideh bayat olgoo payda konan vah bebeenan meekhan chee beh musceh keshvarehmoon ezaveh konan. Badaneh lokteshoon beh music cheezie ezafeh nemeekoneh, vah musiceshoon aslan rooyeh del nemeesheeneh. Aghalan, Sepideh bah teameh ghavie tar kar meekoneh, vah qualityeh karesh behtareh, vali Bita rooyeh qualityeh musikesh hata bayad kar koneh. Hichvact yavashborotolabash, nagoo keh mah hasood hasteem, hasood az chee? Araba az Bita classy tar meegardan vah meekhoonan!! Mah kaseero matra vah maroof nemeekoneem vah respect nemeekoneem keh natooneh dorost OLGOOYEH mah bashe!!! PS: If this is Bita's friend, and not Bita, please be a "friend" and relay the message back to her!! And if anyone knows Sepideh, please do the same!! Classy Persian girls rock!!! :clap2:
  2. Sarbehava87

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Sarbehava, this is your first post in this forum so I'm gonna let it slide with a friendly warning! Read our forum rules! Express your opinion by all means but reconsider your tone and approach!!! This also applies to everyone else who would like to engage in discussions and "argue" for or against anything or anyone in this forum!!! Pourya joon, thanks for letting this one slide. Like I said I normally don't do this sort of thing but this person just ticked me off. I use these forums for entertainment purposes since we have no magazine or other media to really go by and get the latest on Persian artists. :t P.S. to Neelofar: I think Shaghayegh should just stick to modeling . . .
  3. Sarbehava87

    Comments on new iranian releases

    :DD OMG, I guess the following post wasn't yours?? In this post alone (link below), You have mentioed that you hate 4 female singers. It is no suprise though you are all over youtube with disrespectful comments about female singers. I guess that is why your comments on youtube are getting deleted as comments like yours get no respect from the online community. Can I ask why you hate shaghayegh, is this because she is HOTT?? :haha: So tell me who is the liar here?? :dance_baby_wft: http://forum.bia2.com/index.php?showtopic=...mp;#entry263910 I finally got through to reply to this!!! I normally don't do this but this SCAM needs to be put to rest! First of all, I know this is you BITA. No one really pays attention to any of the younger Iranian singers in this market because they're all stuck up on the old farts that refuse to retire even though no one buys their new CD's. They only go to their concerts for songs they sang back in the early 1900's . It will take a very long time to over come this and lets face it most of the younger artist don't cut it!!! Second, no one likes cheap, bad quality sluts who can't sing. Third, Niloofar's opinion is far more trusted than your teams will ever be!!!! and for that I admire Niloofar and totally agree with her. The newer female singers suck!!!! None of them can sing!!! What's wrong with my generation aAAaaaaAagh! Oh well moving on. . . What you're doing is disgraceful, pathetic and somewhat pyschotic. Going on every Persian website and fighting with people to try to change their opinions. It's obvious you know you're putting out crap or why else are you so defensive and insecure about people voicing their opinion about you? Did you think your short skirt and poofy hair would be enough? HA!!!! If you believe in your work, it should speak for itself. Not you and your NASTY little team of friends trying to brain wash us to accept you. No one likes you period! My older brother thinks your hot . . . but are guys really going to buy your album? Us girls like a girl we can admire, as of right now you're not one of them. I suggest you focus your energy on providing us with something decent to listen too, take some singing lessons and drop your current team. They're making you look stupid. I mean . . . I see the same people commenting on your videos on YouTube. It's so obvious it's your team because there is not one single negative comment cuz I know. There are always haters out there!! And your myspace page? Are you for real? Anyone can have a million friends on that thing. And most of the comments on there are from Americans being polite. As of right now the most you will ever amount to is being a club attraction or a Kabob singer. Just accept it, quality is very imperative in this market NOT IMAGE. Very rarely can an artist pull both. Go back to the studio and work on better production and lyrics and stop wasting time on the computer. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!