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  1. Metal Sanaz

    Metal Sanaz

    You guys are very sweet I am glad i found this forum cause I really want to start connecting with my own persian friends and people. We are a huge family and I think we should always stick together ... I work my ass off every day of the year, and I love it. I only sleep if I am not working. But having you guys behind me will make me even more happy! If you love METAL and Rock and roll, please join my team around the world, cause I want to show the world what WE can do lots of love to all of you Boos Boos Sanaz
  2. Metal Sanaz

    Metal Sanaz

    Hi every one ! So I had to sign up on this site just to say hello to all of you I can't believe you guys have a topic about me wanted to thank you all ... check out my myspace if you want to know more about me ... www.myspace.com/metalsanaz Sanaz