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  1. I dont live in America, but if i did, it would have to be Hillary...wooh go girl! As if she'll be voted...anyway...we'll see...we'll see... Oh yeah, and who's Lebanese?
  2. Looooool u guyz are proper jokesss!!! Hahahaha im crackin up here. Nywayz, first of all, Salam, Cameron Cartio is a well buff guy and many gals like him or just drool over his photos...do you take that as a bad thing...I think not. And, yes, ur gal does like that man. You must look good then! Good for you!
  3. masg93

    Laughable, Unbearable or just Retarded?

    Unfortunatly, yes, he does try too hard in his videos. But let's not forget that he was the successful one after his music videos-people actually started to listen to him. And he's not ugly...in MY opinion :p.
  4. masg93

    Cameron, the brother of Alec Cartio!

    Salam to everyone at Bia2, Im kinda new soo...thoght i'd say hi. LOVE Camaron's songs (more like himself) and his songs are all Persian except for Roma-which is in made up language, Henna-which is half arabic, or morroconish and finally his song 'Dont tell me tonight' is in English sung with a Spanish woman...forgot her name sozzzz. Nywyaz see you guyz hope to hear from u guys in the future!!!
  5. masg93

    False identities?

    LOOOL yh I get you, but Cameron Cartio's real name is apperantly: Kamran Cortio?!
  6. masg93

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    Don't you worry cause I heard that song loud and clear on YouTube and revised it couple of times, it doesn't sound much like it anyway. Plus Cameron's version is beautiful and widely top rated-so far no one's complained... :clap2: