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  1. Toni

    Hi Every One

    Welcome! I didn't understand where you're from!
  2. Toni

    Hello, I'm a Latinamerican guy

    oh yeah! I read you're brazilian - argentinian but living in USA (?) I've already answered your questions!
  3. Toni

    mummies in Mexico

    The mmummies are exposed in 2 small rooms called "museum" at the main entrance of a real an ancient pantheon created in 1890 and of course it's opened for everyone, indeed is a turistic place bcse the ancient graves!
  4. Toni

    mummies in Mexico

    Right, also there is a touristic night walking inside the pantheon every Friday night from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm... I had the walking there about 4.30 p.m. and it's some scary.
  5. Toni

    mummies in Mexico

    That people died about 1910. Since nobody continued paying the taxes they were took out from their graves and exposed bcse their bodies were made mummies by the nature without human intervention.
  6. Toni

    mummies in Mexico

    I want to share this pics I took these days when I went on vacation to a place which is famous for its mummies which are showed in the main entrance of the local pantheon.
  7. Toni

    what's in fashion?

    That's a good example about what I want Tammy. I like the way that Persian guys who live in America and Europe look like. I hope that someone else has more pics example specially with guys with a lock beard. He likes you peoples. How can he be like you?
  8. Toni

    Get help with Spanish language!

    I have ants in my pants. = Tengo hormigas dentro de mis pantalones I don't understand "pipe bomb" That is not = eso no es a pipe bomb = ? in my luggage = en mi equipaje About Cactus Jack said about the W.C. it's OK at home but a best way at a restaurant is ¿dónde está el sanitario?
  9. Toni

    Get help with Spanish language!

    The pronoun "you" has many translations into standard Spanish. tú (singular and informal) usted (singular and formal) ustedes (plural, formal and informal) Also pronouns are frequently omited bcse they're implicit in the conjugated verb form. For example, YOU RUN FAST has the next translations tú corres rápido usted corre rápido ustedes corren rápido corres rápido corre rápido corren rápido
  10. Toni

    Learning some Persian language

    Also some corporal language please!
  11. The only word I know is "Salam". I want to learn little by little. Help me with some basic words like greetings for example. Bye! = ? Thanks! = ?
  12. Toni

    what's in fashion?

    what does "Fobish" mean? Thanks.
  13. Toni

    Get help with Spanish language!

    Ok, Spanish from Spain is some different from Latinamerican Spanish. I guess you'll go to Spain so here you have: I miss you so much / os echo tanto de menos I miss you / os echo de menos I missed you soo much / os eché tanto de menos Are you alive? / ¿estáis vivo(a)? vivo for male viva for female Where have you been? / ¿dónde habéis estado? How is everything? / ¿cómo va todo?
  14. Toni

    what's in fashion?

    In the home page there's a guy promoting Yahoo Club Remix for example.
  15. Pourya agreed with I created this tread, so here we go. You can start asking questions about Spanish language.