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    ohh the possibilities.... Circle cats!
  2. hi2Tammy

    Are you liked/loved by peeps from your gender?

    that gave me such a loooooooooooool :dance_baby_wft: hehehehe
  3. hi2Tammy

    I love...

    What do you love creating? I just LOVE peeps!! Also some winter sports. Do you?
  4. hi2Tammy

    Are you liked/loved by peeps from your gender?

    I LOVE my peeps!!! this is how much I love my peeps!
  5. hi2Tammy

    Good-Bye thread

    The effects of the party juice have yet to take the best of me so no byes just yet for at least 1 hr I bet when I'm ready I'll jet and be off to bed, so I can get a lil sleep, without regret that I could've met my true love, before sunset wait a minute, sunset is in the afternoon well you get the point
  6. hi2Tammy


    Keno, since you are a mod, could you please mod my PS2? please please please with a cherry on top please? yes?
  7. hi2Tammy


    I never knew yee but I would've liked to.
  8. hi2Tammy


    Your attention everyone, Most random moments of 2007!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=5V4AjfWjizU Tokawachi everybody!!!!!
  9. hi2Tammy

    Would You Move Back For Good?

    I've never been so I can't go back. :p Having said that, a visit would be nice. What's there to see around?
  10. hi2Tammy

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    I send my love and hearts for all you nice Bia2 people! and none for the not-nice ones out there; I'll find out sooner or later!
  11. hi2Tammy


    if pourya nice I'll pour ya a drink i'll vote for keano if he plays the piano your constituency demands reform and reform enactments. may you please direct open policy.
  12. hi2Tammy

    Go Random

    is your foxy sick?
  13. hi2Tammy

    Words Association Game

    f***ng LOLz!
  14. hi2Tammy

    I dislike...

    I dislike people that double dip.
  15. hi2Tammy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    Wow a tiger attack on the shoulder plate~ :eek_wft:
  16. hi2Tammy

    How do u like to see Keano?

    I have not spoken with Mr. Keano yet. Wait a minute Keano, has any one told you to "follow the white rabbit"? Know someone named Smith? Are you familiar with living underground? Perhaps know some martial arts? Hm...
  17. hi2Tammy

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    hi hi hi Triple 5 5 5 I'm back back back and right on track i think i had too much of the 'party juice' tonight... or maybe not enough?! Whoop!!
  18. hi2Tammy

    Happy new year to everyone

    In 2008, I shall read every single word in the dictionary! (Got the idea from Malcom X, except that back in his days "w00t" was still not a word.)
  19. hi2Tammy

    Happy new year to everyone

    Happy year of the Rat everyone!! What are your goals this year? Yes, besides losing weight. I know everyone is going to say that one.
  20. hi2Tammy

    Answer and ask the next person

    A: I celebrate New Year twice per year but not celebrate the same year. Celebrate the coming of 2007 in Dec. 31st 2006 @ 11:00pm Then celebrate the arrival of 2007 in Jan. 1st @ 00:00 hrs Next, celebrate the coming of 2008 in Dec. 21st 2007 ! 11:00pm Then celebrate the arrival of 2008 in Jan. 1st @ 00:00 hrs and so on and on... t So in 2007 I've celebrated new years twice, but no the same one! I'm not Persian, so no No-Rooz for me :p Q: Whom in this forum would you like to sleep with? (You are NOT allowed to say no one)
  21. hi2Tammy

    ~* Happy Birthday AaBji dodo * ~

    :dance_baby_wft: :clap2: Happy b-day to you! woo hoo! :air_kiss_wft:
  22. hi2Tammy


    More random madness!
  23. hi2Tammy

    I Miss...

    I think right now I miss most going out shopping with the whole family.
  24. hi2Tammy

    Go Random

    Let's go random holiday style!
  25. hi2Tammy

    Simpsonize Yourself!

    how do I look? lol poor dog! got cut off!