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    The new bia2!

    Happy totally belated birthday Keano! :bl Where are you these days? we miss you on MSN! But no matter, I toiled all day long to bake you a nice cake! P.S. Let's pretend you are now Jasmine
  2. hi2Tammy


    I was going to post this under the bacon thread but this is insane enough to warrant its own. We know we should eat healthy. But how many of us actually eat healthy? I think some people out there really do not know that some things are just bad!! Exhibit A: http://www.peppersandsmoke.com/bbq/deepfried/ Burger made out of ground bacon, filled with mozzarella cheese, coated in beer batter and then put in a deep fryer until crispy. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!
  3. hi2Tammy

    ~~Send Your Love~~

    Aweeee! :bl :bl Thank you!! And this is for you for being such a nince lad:
  4. hi2Tammy

    Words Association Game

    hmmm.... if we are going to descend into Middle Earth talk then.. Feanor
  5. hi2Tammy

    Things You're Proud of ...

    Pardon me, but what is KMBB?
  6. hi2Tammy

    Answer and ask the next person

    A: I need about 7 hours to function in a normal way, but I can get by with a minimum of 5 hours. Any less and I suffer very much! Q. What is the worst thing you ever did at school?
  7. hi2Tammy


    This is so cute.... Charlie bit me!
  8. hi2Tammy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    That dog is a hump-master
  9. hi2Tammy

    Hello, I'm a Latinamerican guy

    Tengo hormigas dentro de mis pantalones!!
  10. hi2Tammy

    Get help with Spanish language!

    I have ants in my pants. = Tengo hormigas dentro de mis pantalones I don't understand "pipe bomb" That is not = eso no es a pipe bomb = ? in my luggage = en mi equipaje That sounds funny!! Oh this is a pipe bomb. It is a bomb made of a piece of plumbing.
  11. hi2Tammy

    What would you give as a gift to the person above you?

    That's what I need! Hm, you would give her a [blank] ? :p Well I'll give you a Christmas Tree.
  12. hi2Tammy


    I'm not Persian. What does gheirat mean?? It has different definitions, the most extreme and negative one is when constantly marking your territory and overprotecting the female members of your family and mainly your woman like an alpha male! trust is no issue here and everyone is a potential suspect, male and female! instinctively very animalistic! The more subtle gheirat is when you simply care about your own people and care to be there for them in hours of need, IF they need and most importantly wish your help and protection! they KNOW that they can always count on you! you are not overprotecting yet not indifferent either! If that's the closet thing to a translation then I feel the subtle form of gheirat is very attractive. If so, then practicing it is practicing an expression of love and that would be telling me said person is very special. But I have to disagree with the idea that gheirat can be described as having such opposite definitions. One contradicts the other. From what I gather above, I get the feeling Pourya's 1st description fits the word more than the latter -- the latter simply being love.
  13. Tammy, come down to Hermosa Beach and we'll make Tammy Juniors! Excuse me??????? How about you come to Pasadena and I push you off the 210 Freeway? So ya wanna do it rough.....mmmk. You're disgusting! :bandana:
  14. hi2Tammy

    Hello, I'm a Latinamerican guy

    oh yeah! I read you're brazilian - argentinian but living in USA (?) I've already answered your questions! I was born in Argentina and my family moved to the states right after. Oh I'm going to check out your answers! :dance_baby_wft:
  15. hi2Tammy


    I think the pain of the soul is deeper than the pain of the body. It is fortunate that I have not had the experience of being cheated on, but two years ago I lost my dearest one when both our families had to relocate. Us to Los Angeles, them to Utah. Oh how I cried...
  16. hi2Tammy

    Rate the avatar above you!

    I could never get myself to get a tatoo :t
  17. hi2Tammy

    Happy Birthday ...

    Happy totally belated birthday Rebel! a beautiful rosey cake for you hun
  18. hi2Tammy

    Go Random

    Tried uninstallin/reinstalling FF in windows?
  19. hi2Tammy

    Adults only

    That is what I call a smart poster! Anyhow apparently the implications show that you guys are referring to my hotlinkingm which was just a cute kitty cat sleeping on a girl's body, and apparently as Tammy just explained the hosts replaced that pic with a naughty pic, however right now nothing is showing on my computer! Nevertheless I will now remove that link to prevent further controversy! u lozer we dident know what u where in too looooooooooooooool Say what?? Beware! He is a ruthless lil devil of Bia2! He can bite at times! :giggle: 1 day man ur gonna wake with some bite marks Vampire role playing already? you don't waste any time.
  20. hi2Tammy

    What would you give as a gift to the person above you?

    DIE again!! :bandana: :bandana: :bandana:
  21. hi2Tammy

    Go Random

    your FireFox must be bad as well Keano. Yeah, she's been a bad girl, just like you! :giggle: Die! :bandana: :bandana:
  22. Kiss My Black Butt? What? ewwwwee!!!!
  23. hi2Tammy


    I'm not Persian. What does gheirat mean??
  24. Tammy, come down to Hermosa Beach and we'll make Tammy Juniors! Excuse me??????? How about you come to Pasadena and I push you off the 210 Freeway?
  25. hi2Tammy

    Learning some Persian language

    I asked this same question in Toni's Spanlish language thread. How do you say "I have ants in my pants!"