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  1. Where is the kinkiest/weirdest/most amazing place you've ever had sex? for me: the basement of a church during mass lol
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    Drinks of choice..

    I'm currently indulging in a bottle of Grey Goose and a handle of Absolute Mandarin with a bunch of my friends in my apartment. These drinks are great for when I want to be mellow, hang out, and have some fun. But, if I'm at a club, my drink of choice is a "Jack and Diet." It tastes great, it's low in calories, and it gets the job done RIGHT haha. Whiskey makes ANY party more enjoyable. what about you guys?
  3. Tork-e-Shirazi

    Kamyar from the Black Cats

    Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting Kamyar from the Black Cats; we've become friends and "business partners" of sorts. I have agreed to help him in the marketing of his new solo album, as well as, possibly in critiquing his next album. His contract with the Black Cats is up in about a month or two and he is now working on his new album (which will be in English, French, Persian and Arabic). He has been in talks with Arash about the production of his new album. Arash wants to produce himself, while Kamyar wants to do a joint-production effort. His album will be marketed more in the American and European markets, than in the Iranian market. His album will have a lot of R&B, funk, and pop songs and, as you all know, his voice is tailored to do those songs. His album will be coming out in August (hopefully), but nothing is guaranteed. Kamyar has also given me the low down on a LOT of Persian artists (i.e. Afshin, Amir Ali,Arash, Sousan Roshan and many others)...a LOT of juicy info about them; stuff that will make your jaw drop, in some cases.... PM me if you want to know. I do not think it would be wise on my part to post them in a public forum. haha if you guys want to know anything about the Black Cats (and the new memembers what will replace kamyar....this is actually really interesting), Kamyar, or anyone other Persian artist, let me know and I'll be glad to let you know.
  4. Tork-e-Shirazi

    Kamyar from the Black Cats

    I came across this forum by an accident, researching about Kamyar from Black Cats. I am extremely close to Kamyar and this is why I have to reply to this ridiculous post! This guy spoke to Kamy few times and sent him few messages suggesting that his promotes on some website etc. Honestly, nothing that would be beneficiary to Kamyar but that fine this guy is trying at least right??! Kevon, this doesn't make you his business partner!!! Don't use his name to promote yourself please!!! OH MY GOD THE LINE ABOUT CRITIQUING HIS NEW ALBUM HAS TO BE THE MOST FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER READ! DO you know who are you talking about here??? Guys, Kamyar is working with respected musicians and producers like Erik Kirkland from Portrait, Michael Bloom who produced Whitney Houston and may many other famous musicians! I can guarantee you that Kamy will not just give someone random to listen to his new album and CRITIQUE IT! Your whole post is ridiculous Kevon! You are using someone's name to make yourself look important or whatever is that you are trying to do! Kamy read this and was really surprised when he read this! SECOND-wow you really are a joke! Kamy has to be the sweetest, most down to earth guy in the whole Persian industry! Where and how did you get the idea to write that he gave you juicy details about singers like Afish etc???? WHO ARE YOU TO BASH AND DIRTY SOMEONE'S NAME LIKE THAT? Kamy is friends with all these people and would never ever talk about someone! This is why people love him, he is kind, respectful and very very honest! OK, next thing! KAMY IS NOT WORKING WITH ARASH_NYLA PRODUCTION IN ANY WAY!!!!! People are fighting to sign him up and produce his album His album is R&B with the touch of middle eastern sounds! ITS AMAZING! You guys will love love it!!! Kamy had his last performance with Black Cats last weekend and it was very emotional for all members and new members of Black Cats! Kamy is their idol and they look up to him very much! There is nothing interesteing that you need to share with anyone about them! Kamy is very happy for them and wishes them nothing but success! As Shahbal said last weekend Kamy is not leaving the band, he is expanding and Black Cats will always be his family! You guys will see them preform together again very soon! I had to get this out because this post is just really makes no sense and please delete it! Dude, first of all, I wrote this after I met him at a concert. He gave me permissino to try to promote his solo career and such on the forums b/c he wanted as much publicity for his solo ablum as possible (that's why i said "OF SORTS"..meaning NOT OFFICAL and NOT ACTUALLY). I never said he said anything bad about anybody, i Just said that he, and some pple in the black cats, were just cherto o perting about some artists during an after concert dinner in DC...nothing bad. He told me himself he likes everybody. AT the time, HE TOLD ME, THAT ARASH WAS TRYING TO SIGN HIM AND TO PRODUCE HIS ALUM, but Kamy said he wanted to produce some of it himself. Kamy himself told me (in march) taht his contract with BC was up and that he was going ot expand on his solo career. Maybe it has changed NOW, but at the time that waas my impression. Kamy is the best singer in the business..that's why I keep speaking highly of him throughout this forum, even when otehrs bring him down (for his voice, et al). and I am not "promoting" myself in any way because I have NO business interests in the Iranian Music Scene..I was just trying to do him some service by trying ot promote him because I feel taht he is one of the only singers with ANY TALENT in the music scene (my words, not his). Keep on searching throughout the bia2 forums and find every post I made about him..NOTHING WAS NEGATIVE and every post was made with theintention of promoting him and his musical prowess. Most of my posts were posted in response to someone bashing him in some way/shape/ or form.
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    New Afshin Vid....

    I think it's hot. It's from a song from his new album. Enjoy. What do you guys think of his new album thus far?
  6. Tork-e-Shirazi

    Mr Bia2 Final round

    damn, i should have joined the competition
  7. She's sitting on between $500 million and $3 billion of stolen money from Iran. IF you feel any pity for her, you should get your head checked.
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    Friends with benefits....has there been a better invention over past 2000 years? it's BF/GF w/o all the bull$hit. There's nothing better jeaa
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    fat burners...

    I need to lose a certain amount of weight by the beginning of June and I have been working out thoroughly and eating properly to ensure I meet my weight goals. I've been taking a minor fat burning supplement called Xenadrine efx to aid fat loss, however, I have also been looking at Hydroxycut, as well. I'm not looking long term now, I just need to lose the weight short term. Has anyone here taken Hydroxycut before, and if so did it work for you?
  10. A married father of three faces indecency charges after allegedly having sex with a picnic table. Art Price Jr, 40, was seen doing the dirty with the garden furniture at his home in Bellevue, Ohio, on four occasions by a neighbour. The neighbour, who hasn't been named, says that he saw Mr Price turning the table over before performing the sex acts on it. Police officer Matt Johnson said: 'He was completely nude. He would use the hole from the umbrella and have sex with the table.' Just to add a touch of class to his furniture-copulation, Price reportedly carried out his naked table-boffing in broad daylight, very close to a local school. The fourth time, the neighbour videotaped the alleged table-sexing as evidence. Officer Johnson commented: 'Once you think you've seen it all, something else comes around.' http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article...0&in_page_id=2
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    new FAREZ video - Bia

    sick...their best work yet. This song is an immense improvement from the songs on their first album.
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    Sam, nice pics. Are you going to send these to an agency? If you want, I could hook you up. I still have connections in the industry in NYC Two of my best friends model for R&L iand they do Levi's, CK, Hollister, and one of them is also the bartender now on Days of Our Lives. I'll ask them who to contact, if you want.
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    how old are you??

    Physically: 19 Emotionally: 7
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    I am an aspiring model (I have some experience modeling suits and tuxedos) and I will be moving to LA sometime soon to possibly further my modeling career. I have connections on the East Coast, but I have few on the West Coast. I know of a few agencies (Allure and a few others), but I have limited knowledge on the quality of the agencies i'm looking at. For those of you who live in the West Coast, are there any agencies that come to mind that you know are quality or are there any agencies that you have had experience with that you think are good agencies to work with?
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    Go Random

    i'm a guido at heart
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    Answer and ask the next person

    my boyfriend's greek too <3
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    That's disgusting. i guess you're forgetting the night you asked me to pee on your face. I hate you. Never talk to me again.lol LMAO. too bad you're madly in love with me too bad im incapable of loving, but I'll let you think what you want if it leads to :punishing_wft:
  18. Tork-e-Shirazi

    Answer and ask the next person

    A) parents seeing a sex tape of me. Q) Lets say that you could be any other ethnicity, would you choose anything other than Iranian? I would prob.
  19. Tork-e-Shirazi

    Answer and ask the next person

    I say I can! LOL! Yes! I truly believe in 2 people coming together committed both mentally and physically, spiritually and materialistically! Q: I believe in God, do you? A) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeZB2EsPqGE - Watch that, and then you'll see. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
  20. Tork-e-Shirazi

    Answer and ask the next person

    A) Yes, I was on my school's dance team my freshman year after I found out my doctor wouldn't clear me to play basketball again. lol I danced in front of 8,000 people at a basketball game....SLIGHTLY f*cked up my routine...got eaten alive by the captain and then never came back lol Q) I do not believe in marriage...do you?
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    That's disgusting. i guess you're forgetting the night you asked me to pee on your face. I hate you. Never talk to me again.lol
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    That's disgusting. i disagree :harhar_wft[1]: but then again i find almost nothing in this life disgusting :p lol have you seen "two girls, one cup" before? If you don't find that disgusting, I will lose all respect for you as an individual. lol hahaha no i havent, begoo bebinam :p, i might surprise u :harhar_wft[1]: No, seriously...look up "2 girls one cup" on hte internet. WATCH IT. then come back here and tell me what you feel afterwards. yea bro college frat guy just came out of ya.... but i hear ya... lol who can actually watch that, i went through like 40secs and i was done lol I'm actually in a frat.
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    It's rather unprofessional of you to make accusations without solid, undeniable proof to back up your claims. You may have been right on one song, but without proof this accusation is unwarranted.
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    Bia2 Handsome Pageant.

    I think I said this before, but I'm in too.
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    That's disgusting. i disagree :harhar_wft[1]: but then again i find almost nothing in this life disgusting :p lol have you seen "two girls, one cup" before? If you don't find that disgusting, I will lose all respect for you as an individual. lol hahaha no i havent, begoo bebinam :p, i might surprise u :harhar_wft[1]: No, seriously...look up "2 girls one cup" on hte internet. WATCH IT. then come back here and tell me what you feel afterwards.