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  1. Well, I am so sorry if I am coming up with a weird topic, but it is a topic anyways. What to you guys really know about suicide? do you really think there is a point that suicide would be considered an excepted behavior? Do you have any memories regarding this topic that you wanna share, by any chance? have you even known anyone that has gone through this thing? If so, what were the consequences for the siblings? What do you really know about this sort of behavior. I'd like to have you guys' opinions on it as well, since we have variety of members from all sort of backgrounds... Boozer!!
  2. Hello there... I recently have been dealing with a new problem that I though might be something in common with some other people in here as well. Well, simply I cannot sleep during the night time at all, instead I sleep during the day time! This is ruining my whole day and I'm gradually getting into more serious problems such as negative interactions with my group mates at uni and other people that have contact with and I'm in touch with. Medications might work, but many of those chemicals require doctor's prescription and as far as I know, they do not have Wallmart and London Drungs in Europe either. Furthermore, I'd like to say that I wouldn't try sex and masturbation either. Now, with the above given equation, would you be able to come up with an answer? If you could and it did work I will not ever forget your name for the whole entire my life. I would promise to try all your suggestions, as long as they are logical.
  3. Hello there, Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm a lost person from the earth that I've been housing in for around 20-21 years, my occupation would be student and my name could be Arya. Nice to meet you all and it would be super if you could leave a couple of sentences introducing yourself as well. I'm sure we'll have fun in here together. Thanks
  4. Dr.

    frank caliendo

    There are a couple of more of his works on youtube as well....
  5. its freezing I miss it so much...can you do me a favor?
  6. Dr.

    Go Random

    thats true.esp female ones,since they create so much drama ) Well, I really did want to indicate the female part in my previous post, but for one second I realized that I might be attacked by our female members... lol
  7. Dr.

    Go Random

    Less new pop Persian singers, the cleaner the Persian community! Now this was way more RANDOM!
  8. Dr.

    Moein new album

    as i said, im not an export on these sort of material; however, I don't really think the above singers are categorized under classic. lol Take it as a joke Naghmeh Jaan...
  9. Dr.

    Ki ashegh shode..

    damn love..yeah...yeah love...such beautiful thing it is...
  10. Dr.


    Is that the one we often see in Pourya's posts a lot? lol
  11. Dr.


  12. I know..I know how it is like and how it feels, it is pain. The real meaning of pain, just like cutting your finger, but this time it is your eyes and heart that are cut. I still would persist on my vote!
  13. I used to date a 26 years old chick back in Vancouver when I was only a 17!
  14. Dr.


    hehe..I just noticed you have this one :oo in your emoticons...
  15. so you wouldn't date anyone younger right?
  16. Dr.


    wow..that was shocking! He really must have loved the girl. I wish someone would have loved me that much!
  17. Dr.


    Is that all you had to say?
  18. Dr.

    Good-Bye thread

    Such as? teach me please...I'm very young.
  19. Dr.

    Good-Bye thread

    I am just wondering if there possibly could have been any harsher ways to obtain a happier life...
  20. Dr.

    2010 WCQ

    You mean soccer right? lol
  21. Dr.

    Boys II Men

    Haven't spoken with my mom for ages...
  22. Dr.

    Good-Bye thread

    and how the heck would I get a RIDE of myself? lol