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  1. sammy_joon

    To Pourya

    Have you heard any samples from these two artist?
  2. sammy_joon

    To Pourya

    Agha Pourya, I read your blog regarding Benyamin and Ehsan Khaje Amiri! :clap2: My question is didn't Ehsan already release an album by the name of "Salame Akhar?" And I have seen a copy of a new Benyamin floating around that has 16 tracks. Is this the official version? I think it is a bootleg and have avoided buying it. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  3. sammy_joon

    Comments on new iranian releases

    One thing I love about Jamshid's new album is the song, "Paak Sho" because as a Iranian American it makes me proud to see a Kurdish singer from Iran sing about something that is a serious issue in Iran.
  4. sammy_joon

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Does Omid plan to release a new album anytime soon??? Whatever happened to Amo???? I am so glad Jahan released a new album which has been on rotation in my car :clap2:
  5. sammy_joon

    The Bia2 Music Store

    I think Sultaneez band is from Dubai or Bahrain not sure but i like there 1song only i dont remember the name..... Really? I didn't know that. But there songs are sung in Farsi right?
  6. sammy_joon

    What happened to eworldrecords?

    I had the same problem but is working now :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  7. sammy_joon

    The Bia2 Music Store

    There is a group called Sultaneez whose style is Bandari and is known for their song Chai Chai. If there was a way we could put their cd up for download in the music store that would be awesome. Furthermore, why not add bandari music to the store. I know this is going to be hard and if it can't be done I understand.
  8. sammy_joon

    what are you listening to

    I am literally glued to the new Arian cd! I wonder if they will record an album outside of Iran since they have been getting hard time. If they ever have a concert in CA I am there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sammy_joon

    Mohammad Esfahani

    Does anybody know if he plans on releasing a new album. I discovered his music kind of late and I have bought all his cds so that I can support his work; he has an incredible voice that literally sends a chill. :boredom_wft: :boredom_wft: :boredom_wft: :boredom_wft: :boredom_wft:
  10. sammy_joon

    Mehdi Azarsina

    I was browsing Itunes for some music, mainly Kaylan Kalhor, and came across a sonati cd, "Siah Mashgh" by Mehdi Azarsina. This was some good stuff so I highly recommend everyone checking out this album. I posted a review so hopefully Itunes will not pull this album. Who knew Itunes had so much sonati music available for everyone to downloand and enjoy. Just type ney, tar, setar, santur and BAM a whole list appears. Time to rock on now! :dance:
  11. sammy_joon


    Oh well in that case it would not work out. My bad! At least I discovered some good music.
  12. sammy_joon


    Do you think there could be a way to tell him to record an album outside of Iran due to a strong fan base???? Sometimes I wish I was an agent. MUSIC IS MY LIFE ESPECIALLY SONATI!!!!! :dance_baby_wft:
  13. sammy_joon


    I wish he could produce a record outside of Iran. I even emailed him but the email bounced back.
  14. sammy_joon


    SWEET!!!! Is it me or does his voice remind you of a very young Ebi
  15. sammy_joon


    You wrote a review on Jahan. I don't think I ever read it, is it still on here?