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  1. the only innocent zionist is a dead zionist. but what's even worse than a zionist is a zionist apologist like yourself who supports the torture and massacre of Palestinian civilians, including many children. don't talk to me about the value of life when you support the murder of children.
  2. the only way the zionists illegitimate birthday should be celebrated is by dropping the bomb on tel aviv.
  3. how amusing, if only you had a clue. i understand your anger and resentment as someone without a country, you have a right to be upset.
  4. im wondering what iranians are doin in pakistan??? :blink: pakistan is not one of ma favurit choice to live dere r u sure they didnt count Afghans LOL yh...dat might be unforchunaly many iranians marry pakistanis and iraqis but there idiots cuz there just marrying people who dont care about there culture or history persians shouldn't mix their blood with inferior races. persian blood must remain pure. AHHHHHHHHH reading stuff like this pisses me off!!!!!!! Baba pleaseeeeeee dont open your mouth and say stuff like this, its just embarassing for yourself. THERE ARE NO INFERIOR RACES. WE ALL BELONG TO THE HUMAN RACE. OUR BLOOD HAS NO ETHNICITY, WE ALL BLEED RED. wrong, those who mix their blood with the inferior are an embarrassment to anything persian and support the destruction of persian purity.
  5. im wondering what iranians are doin in pakistan??? :blink: pakistan is not one of ma favurit choice to live dere r u sure they didnt count Afghans LOL yh...dat might be unforchunaly many iranians marry pakistanis and iraqis but there idiots cuz there just marrying people who dont care about there culture or history persians shouldn't mix their blood with inferior races. persian blood must remain pure.
  6. yes, clearly force has never solved anything. you go ahead and hand out flowers and forgive your enemy, and i'll do things my way.
  7. i've become the laughing stock by the likes of you followers? it means nothing. it's a hopeless cause to try and educate any of the brainwashed dissenters of this forum, and clearly it's a waste of time. when faced with reality and facts, the only retort members here are capable of are either insults or mob/sheep mentality, clear sign of failure. another clear indication why force is necessary, when people can't comprehend simple issues. carry on with your ignorance, i don't have any more patience for it.
  8. carry on with your 'pc' sheep mentality. that's the problem with today's society. denial and hidden from reality, which perpetuates injustices.
  9. how typical and amusing. how can you even discuss something with someone as hypocritical, delusional, and brainwashed as you? you claim i post without substance, logic and references? clearly you haven't read a single post, nor have you refuted any of them, simply because you know facts outweigh your opinion (regardless of your baseless claim). what's more comical is that you did the very same thing in this post, no substance, references or objectivity. once you have the capability to read and comprehend, then come try and prove me wrong, until then, keep your boring copy and pasted, redundant sentiments for those who you can brainwash with this typical, destitute argument, you won't have a hard time doing that here. your claims are all incorrect and prove that you base your opinion from subjective, anti ir, western sources. once again, when you are capable of independent thought and objective research, then you can talk, until then, spare me your empty words. you are a treasonous dissenter, hang your head in shame for siding with the enemy. you are the minority, you are despised by iranians, and your home is in the west. don't concern yourself with iran or iranians, they don't respect you, nor do they want the opinions or faux nationalism of dissenters. your type runs when faced with challenge or danger. big words, no action, normal traits of a void westerner. also why is this member pming you rather than posting in the forum? lol gotta love the follower mob mentality here. some of you should try thinking for yourselves occasionally. so weak. you should click the ban button and get it over with rather than try to instigate me. you claim you run a free forum, when in reality, you practice the very same things you hate, only to suit your own beliefs.
  10. there isn't a flaw, it's basic observation anybody with a pulse could identify. it isn't an issue of absolutes as you assume, but common sense and simple perception that draws obvious conclusions. experience and communication produce results (not selective either), and unless you visit Iran frequently, or live there, you really don't know much of anything going on except what you soak in on the mainstream media for the mindless masses.
  11. On the contrary I believe if you do some unbiased research and scrutinize the entire situation of the current Iran and Iranians you will find yourself utterly shocked and amazed by how this atrocious IRI is being despised by the large majority of Iranians both inside and abroad! All you need to do is to borrow some night vision goggles so that you may view the truth in your own dark backyard! wrong. go do research in Iran, talk with Iranians, and discover the reality of the situation. i'm not saying go talk to the guys with rooster haircuts, or the girls with oversized sunglasses, fake gucci bags, and a rat sized dog in one arm; in other words, not the treasonous westoxified ones who's only wish is to escape Iran and join america with their own kind....but talk to true Iranians, nationalist Iranians, educated Iranians, proud Iranians. you'd also be surprised at how many despise those who fled the country in time of revolution or war. many of them don't consider those abroad Iranian, nor would they want any association with them. westernized Iranians in Iran are the minority...if you want the truth, communicate with those who still possess their Iranian identity.
  12. 11 votes in an american 'persian' forum doesn't represent "soo many" people being against IRI. if you research and examine the situation thoroughly, you'd be surprised.
  13. read this: http://www.jerusalemites.org/facts_documents/un/23.htm watch all parts: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fK5o8gMTH9I&feature=related more zionist terrorism. it is in the zionist duty to harass, beat and attack civilians, most especially the children and the elderly. http://youtube.com/watch?v=BO2m-koIdZU The great Hitler (RIP) once said: "the jew of all times has lived in the states of other peoples, and there formed his own state, which, to be sure, habitually sailed under the disguise of 'religious community' as long as outward circumstances made a complete revelation of his nature seem inadvisable. But as soon as he felt strong enough to do without the protective cloak, he always dropped the veil and suddenly became what so many of the others previously did not want to believe and see: the jew." "the jews life as a parasite in the body of other nations and states explains a characteristic which once caused schopenhauer,....to call him the great master in lying. existence impels the jew to lie, and to lie perpetually. open your eyes.
  14. First of all, the resolution is largely open to interpretation and both sides of the Arab-Israeli Conflict interpret it as something different. Can you reference all those 'facts and figures' you provided me with? I don't take such stats as face value... What is absurd about the IR is that they continue to support Hezbollah and the Palestinian cause while putting the Iranian nation in the worst circumstances! i don't have the time right now, but i'll try to provide you with sources later on (although it would be a very simple search for you to find the facts and figures).
  15. You are actually over-simplifying the situation. The international system is in a consistent state of anarchy which means the use of the term 'illegal' in the international system stands very futile esp. in the 1940s when there was no well established international institute to outline law and order in the international system. And even today the UN is more a talking shop, I'm sure you would agree. Do you know the historical context of the 'occupation'? Whether is it 'illegal'? And what actually outlines or decides the 'legality' of a movement in the international system? Political, social and economic aspects of a country are 'simplified respects'? I don't think so! When a state is politically advanced, socially advanced and economically powerful they will earn there respect in the international community. When IR treats its people like trash, deprives them of their fundamental rights as HUMANS, IR should not expect the countries of the world to bow down to them and show them respect. Look at Japan, an economic power, socially advanced and provides the best for its nation. You don't have to be a 'western' country with so called 'western' values in order to earn your respect as a state. How do you expect people to show respect to the IR, when it has failed to prosper the country, create jobs for its young people and take any notice of its Educational system and whether the youth are advancing with this system? I'm sure you have heard of the 'brain drain' Iran faces and this is all a result of bad governance. If a country wants respect, wants investment and wants a civilized society then it should start from within rather than without. Iran: Coping with the world's highest rate of Brain Drain. resolution 242. the occupation is illegal. after the 67 war, they were to withdraw from all occupied lands per international law. they have remained, defying international law and continue to build hundreds of settlements and continue to move their citizens to the occupied territories. its an apartheid system they have established, and the palestenians are treated as slaves. "The South African apartheid state never inflicted the sort of repression that Israel is inflicting on the Palestinians." As far as IR, i think you missed my point. I said saying iran is in such a situation without taking all other factors into consideration is not correct. regardless, iran is more independent and successful than it has every been. literacy rate is at it's highest and the unemployment rate is at 11%. education is highly prevelant and held at much higher standards. as far as japan, the youth have already been polluted by western "culture" and continue to decline rapidly. nice link by the way, the guy left iran because he wanted to listen to pop music and couldn't live off 600$ month. LOL, he'll fit right in the western lands, his kind isn't needed in iran.