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  1. pourya

    Answer and ask the next person

    hey man! good to hear from you again! sure, time flies so fast! 10 years, good friends we have made through these years
  2. pourya

    Happy Norooz!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Norooz! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Lz-VYjva5U
  3. pourya

    Your own Art work

    Star Trackers
  4. pourya

    The Walking Dead

    What a piece of crap this show has turned into, season 4 is waste of air time!
  5. pourya


    I love this guys voice and music!
  6. pourya

    Hi There

    Welcome Amir jan
  7. pourya

    Pourya's Blog

    Hi guys, yeah I've been busy so thanks for informing bro! AmirHassan, first of all thanks for the kinds words, I wrote both my reviews and the blog for keen readers like yourself, so its heartwarming to know that its been appreciated and missed! There are numerous reasons for the stop,but the main is being that, as Keano said, I have been busy with a lot of other personal projects and had to simply prioritize where to put my time and energy. One is my own creativity, something I felt I had been neglecting for far too long. Also I kinda lost hope when it comes to the Iranian music and the way its heading, in a way I felt that my reviews did not fill any purpose in a market and industry where everyone craved and served obsoleteness. Why should I preach to deaf ears?! After all I wrote what I wrote as a hobby on my spare time, and it started to take more and more of my time without giving any result back. One day it just didn't make any sense anymore, so I stopped. I might take up the blogging again, at some point, but it will be mainly focusing in the Western popular culture. Thanks again for "yadi az ma kardan" and by all means stay in touch, either here or via mail. to hear from the readers always inspires! Happy new year btw! cheers
  8. pourya

    Your own Art work

    A recent one done in ink, took an hour from scratch. These are merely warm up sketches which I do to get my creativity going, I had no idea what I was to draw when I put down the pen on the paper and that makes the result even more fun for me.
  9. pourya

    Photo Album - Post Your Photos

    Wow, is that right?! I too thought it would be bigger!
  10. pourya

    Photo Album - Post Your Photos

    I wish it was on display when I was there
  11. pourya

    Answer and ask the next person

    Its the best feeling! I have had it two times and it feels like your head goes into the clouds, you feel warm and fuzzy and even though some people feel sick when waking up I have a similar awesome feeling when waking up! I often think that if death comes to one in a similar fashion then that alone is heaven! Do you plan to travel to any other country in near future?
  12. pourya


    R.I.P.D. I was never a fan of Men in Black and this has basically a very similar concept, even the special effects look dated as if they were done back in the 90's! The only thing that made this movie enjoyable was Jeff Bridges hilarious character and the fact that he had turned his recent cowboy act to something really funny. It was refreshing to see him doing a comedy for once.
  13. pourya

    Farsi word association thread

  14. pourya


    Looking forward to watch Gravity next week! Rush At times Howard's dramatization looks and sounds far too stylized to maintain an air or realism, but its technically a well-made movie and the vintage looking racing footages are a feast for the eyes, even for someone like me who has no interest whatsoever in cars! The Internship This movie gives Google Ad a whole new meaning! It was really embarrassing to see Vince and Owen selling out so cheaply in this longest running ad for a company! Monsters University Some animated features do not appeal to me aesthetically, this and its predecessor are two of them. But what they do not have for me visually they deliver in terms of story and characters.