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    AFC Asian Cup 2007

    Salam, Wow Iraq won the Asian Cup....they did play pretty good, made some good plays.. - Congratulations to all Iraqi's. Next task... world cup lol
  2. 79baller

    Iranian Top Team

    Hossein Rezazadeh: Shahriar "King" Kamali: Ramin Sohrab highlights: -- I need good pictures/highlights for Khodadad Azizi **
  3. 79baller

    Iranian Top Team

    Salam everyone, I'm trying to make a highlight reel that will include famous Iranian athletes. So if you'd like to nominate a famous iranian athlete please make your nomination and post their name and info about them. Pictures and video would help too. So far I've got: - Hossein Rezazadeh ( weight lifter - world record holder ) - Khodadad Azizi ( soccer player ) - Ali Daei ( soccer player ) - Shahriar "king" Kamali ( body building ) - Ali Reza Dabir ( wrestling ) - Ramin Sohrab ( some martial artist on youtube ) - Ali Karimi ( soccer player ) I need good pictures, and perhaps if you got any videos that'd be great. Thanks people.