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    Share Iranian Movies, Music, and more!

    hello, my name is ramin. Lately I have been working on a project where Iranian people from all around the world can share files with each other. Why would this matter to you? Well, frankly, everyone likes to watch Iranian movies, listen Iranian music, and do other things. By building this site, I hope to get a group of Iranians. I want people to spread this word. You are probably wondering how. Well, this website uses a technology called bittorrent. With this, users can upload torrents which contain files and other people can download the files from real people. There are also forums where lots of persians can talk. Later, I will also be making translations of the site so anyone who doesn't read english, but farsi will be able to. So, I hope you guys can start uploading torrents and enjoying some Iranian entertainment. Even though this is a great idea, I still have not bought a domain for it. So, the address is ******* Een spam nist. Merci.